Hey, I’m Ariadne. I’m so glad you’re here.

I am a certified life coach, yoga teacher and meditation guide. I use an intuitive approach combining tools and techniques I've collected over years of study, work, self exploration, trial and error, and uncertainty. There are many routes for us to work together - no matter which one you choose, my priority is for you to feel at home.

I believe in slowing down, making space for introspection, reflection and getting real. I believe in building a healthy sense of who we are and realigning our priorities according to the things that truly matter to us. I believe change takes time, courage, commitment and an open mind. I believe growth stems out of taking an honest look at ourselves; the positive, the negative, the ordinary, the wonderful, the plain old boring. Taking full responsibility for the life we want to live, with presence, intention and self compassion.

I am not interested in fixing you or telling you what to do; I want to lead back to yourself and to trust your inner guidance.

And if you're willing to trust me, I promise I will take you on a journey of meaningful, real and deep transformation.

Let's dive in.