kind words

“If I were to choose three words to describe my coaching experience with Ariadne they would be Love, Kindness and Bliss.
Ariadne works from the heart. It’s a soul to soul conversation. I remember leaving our sessions with a sense of bliss and deep connection to myself, like I had never felt before. I felt I was in a safe space to show up to myself, let go of all the barriers that were holding me back and lean into my vulnerability in order to find out who I am.
She has always been so inspiring and supportive and her unique style of coaching based on love and kindness is more than effective.
I absolutely loved every single one of our sessions and each lesson I learned is so precious to me.
Thank you and keep doing what you love because you rock it!”

Angela Severo | London (Life Coaching)

“I worked with Ariadne as I was transitioning to a sudden and demanding change of role within my organisation. I was very keen to make this move work and give it my best, but I was also well aware of the potentially negative impact this could have on my personal life, and my wellbeing. Ariadne was with me every step of the way, showing me what I could do, how I could make the best out of this experience, and how to use it to move even further. She exuded calm – which I very much needed in my hectic lifestyle! Her comments and coaching encouragements were always pertinent, and well-thought through… indeed it took her no time to ‘get me’ and help me channel my energy! I always looked forward to our time together – a bubble just for me. It was emotional at times, but always rewarding. Thank you, Ariadne.”

S.P. | London (Life Coaching)

“Ariadne has a wonderfully warm, loving and immensely calming sense of being. I worked with Ariadne during a particularly emotional and stressful point in my life and was seeking ways to calm my mind and find some inner peace.
Upon the first moment of meeting Ariadne I immediately felt comfortable and able to talk openly and freely. We had one-on-one meditation sessions and for the first time in months I was sleeping well again. She has provided me with tools
to both escape the noise and to encourage more positive thinking and compassion for myself and those around me.”

Sarah B. | London (1:1 Meditation Sessions)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Working with Ariadne opened me up to myself. Our time together enabled me to reconnect with myself, to find my purpose and identify what I was lacking in myself – with both practical advice and spiritual guidance. Ariadne helped me to become much more self aware and reflective with her unequivocal kindness, patience and understanding.”

Laurie McAllister | London (Life Coaching)

“It has been a blessing to have you as my coach by my side for such a long time. You are an outstanding coach in ever way and I highly recommend you to so many people! Thanks for everything!”

Mirjam Helder | Switzerland (Life Coaching)

“Working with Ariadne has been a truly amazing experience! She provides a safe, sacred and empowering space that helped me to release blocks, step into my truth and show up to the world. Helping me launch my own health, lifestyle & wellness biz and step into my role as a coach + mentor. I left our coaching journey feeling like I had well & truly arrived home. What I have gained has been invaluable and I cannot thank you, Ariadne enough!! You are wonderful! And I cannot wait to do it all again.”

Leticia Ringe | London (Life Coaching)

“Coaching with Ariadne felt nourishing, soulful and loving! Before working with Ariadne, I felt blocked to go ahead and take action. I felt that I lived too much in my head and had difficulty to start and do the things I wanted to do. I love Ariadne’s authenticity, the way she shows up in the world and reading her blog inspires me. Through coaching with Ariadne I have become more gentle with myself and give my own self the permission to not be perfect. The biggest change I have created is having a better life-work balance which helps me to stay rooted in my everyday life.”

Eos Koch | Switzerland (Life Coaching)

“Before working with Ariadne I was so overwhelmed and stuck by fear and procrastination. During our sessions she unpicked that ‘stuck’ mindset by asking insightful questions and by basically talking a lot of sense. Through our work I have started to be kinder to myself, releasing the pressure of my own expectations and by starting to move forward with my goals.”

Dawn Lodder | London (Life Coaching)

“Ariadne’s natural ability to teach spiritual and wellbeing practice is truly inspiring. I attended the Emotional Toolbox Workshop as an introduction to my own spiritual journey and I now walk my new path in life with confidence. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Ariadne’s events I would highly recommend it.”

Priya Wilkinson | London (Workshop/Retreat)

“I remember finding Ariadne on instagram and instantly being drawn to her. I wrote an initial email but even as I pressed send I had no idea what I was doing or why I was contacting her, I just had a gut feeling it was the right thing to do. It didn’t take long to realise why. Ariadne is like a breath of fresh air, guiding and encouraging you to own your feelings and accept that you are the one who can change them. I remember in our first session she recommended meditation and said if it was the one thing I took away from our time together I’d be able to notice a change and 9 months later it’s still true. If you’ve got to this point and you’re reading this now, get in touch, you won’t regret it!”

Kate G. | Australia (Life Coaching)

“Ariadne has been a godsend to my life. Helping me build up my yoga practice and supporting me through my yoga journey. She has given me confidence to try poses that I wouldn’t have thought possible and has encouraged me to incorporate yoga into my life, off the mat. She has shown me how to find moments of stillness within the many hectic and stressful moments of city life. I love my sessions with Ariadne, they have without doubt enriched my experience of life!”

Nikki V. | London (Private Yoga)

“My sessions with Ariadne instigated a massive inner shift which has, if I’m being totally honest, changed my life. I am now able to identify areas of self-sabotage and negativity and navigate my way around them meaning that not every small hiccup feels like a total personal failure; I feel able (at long last) to say ‘no’ to things which I know do not serve me but which I’ve previously said ‘yes’ to through fear of not getting anything else or not having enough and as a result feel much more satisfied with my life than I have done for a long while. The fact that I feel so positive and strong in spite of the adversities being thrown my way is true testament to the work I have done with Ariadne.”

Ella V | London (Life Coaching)

“Coaching with Ariadne was a very enriching and complete experience. I felt heard in a deep way, understood and validated in what I was experiencing with great compassion and I felt very uplifted at the end. I really loved Ariadne’s holistic preparation as a psychologist and a yoga teacher and I felt her style of coaching suited me very well. I’m more driven and confident than ever in my new career and I improved a lot my relationship with my family that was worrying me and holding me back a lot.”

Alessia Gandolfo | Paris (Life Coaching)

“Wow wow wow…. What an amazing session, Ariadne you are awesome and very gifted! Loved it all, wonderful nurturing yoga, opening and clearing Chakra mediation was so powerful. Your energy and spirit are generous and healing. Thank you for the gift of you today!”

Sarah P. | London (Workshop/Retreat)

” Ariadne gave me the tools and the support that encouraged me to come out of my comfort zone (where I wasn’t happy); it has been a beautiful and revealing journey through self studying. Ariadne made me observe what I do to nurture myself and my soul, and that opened up my vision to how I spend my time and the people I choose to share myself with. We spoke about surrender to welcome love and help from others and I have to say; putting the intentions out to the Universe making some actions to then let go, it really works. She guided me to understand on a deeper level the importance of self esteem and embrace abundance into my life. I’m feeling much more confident and less fear about planning my life ahead. Thank you thank you thank you!”

Sonia U. | London & Ibiza (Life Coaching)

“You are by far my favorite teacher I’ve come across in my three years in London. Thank you so much for creating a challenging and interesting class while still maintaining a soft energy in the room. It’s a rare find!”

Jackie W. | London (Yoga classes)