A R I A D N E / / K A P S A L I


Welcome and thank you for being here.

Let me start by getting really clear: I am not here to fix you. Firstly, you are not broken. Secondly, and most importantly, if something needs to be fixed, YOU have to be the one engaging in the process of fixing it. The greatest moment is the one you realise you have found the answer yourself. (Or that there was no answer at all!)

YOU have to be the one to guide yourself back home, to you.

My coaching philosophy is a unique union, which blends psychological theory with yogic tools and coaching practice. I draw on my training and experience in Psychology and my professional Life Coaching training, combined with mindfulness and other tools and techniques to create an intuitive and healing space.

My coaching style is all about getting to know yourself, what is important to you and taking real action to prioritise the things give meaning to you. I am not here to teach you the magic formula to change your life; I am here to remind you that your real, raw and messy self is what matters. My sincerest hope is that begin to see yourself whole.

So while I will hold your hand and walk right next to you, You will decide which way to go. Which mountains to climb, which seas to dive into. You make your own journey.

To understand more about my coaching philosophy and what to expect when working with me, please read my story.

"I genuinely don’t think there are many people like Ariadne in the world! She is so perceptive, generous and open with her energy and time. Through the sessions I spent working with her I felt supported, listened to and most of all empowered to turn my business into a fully self-employed one. She holds such a safe space, which puts you immediately at ease and meant for me, from the very first session, I was able to see certain things in a different light, make subtle shifts in how I approach aspects of work, show up and make my voice heard. I cannot thank her enough! I would highly recommend working with Ariadne if you feel drawn to her, as I did - she’s magic."

Anna H

"Ariadne is such a gifted, profound, knowledgeable coach. I cannot say enough how much I would recommend working with her, and I have worked with other counsellors and a psychologist in the past! Her combined psychology knowledge, blended with a coaching model and expert yoga and meditation tools made the sessions with Ariadne so powerful and invaluable. I cannot say enough how life-enriching my coaching sessions were. I am a clearer, more grounded, connected version of myself now, thanks to her immense guidance, tools and expertise."

Erin M

"Ariadne helped me to find me again, to believe in myself and figure my purpose, including what sits within work and what sits outside of it. I am happy and settled, and moving (calmly) in the direction I want to. Tangible things: I worked through the demons holding me back from creating my new brand / website, and I am now booked up with work I am proud to work on for the next 6 months."

Fran C

"I’d like to say a huge thanks! It has been a wonderful experience working with you. You are wise, present and yourself. You have incredible skill at leading me through this transformational journey. You helped me identify and overcome a major limiting belief. You gave me incredible insights into who I am. You have catapulted me towards my dream life. Thanks you so so much! It was worth every penny – you should charge way more!"

Paul R

In our work together, you can:

›› Get to know, understand and trust yourself deeply

›› Find clarity and direction amidst change and uncertainty

›› Reduce fear-based decision making and move towards heart-centered living

›› Learn practices to increase confidence and self belief and stand up for what you believe in

›› Identify subconscious, negative thinking and unhelpful beliefs that run the show

›› Change your relationship to fear, anxiety, perfectionism and inner critic

›› Build deep self trust and let go of the need for validation from others

›› Learn to navigate self doubt, challenging emotions & unhelpful habits

›› Build meaningful and supportive relationships with healthy, clear & supportive boundaries

›› Identify your needs and desires, and find flow through the process of change and transition

›› Reclaim the parts of you that have been hiding

›› Take brave action towards the things that bring meaning to you, your community + the world


In a nutshell:

›› An in depth, fully tailored, trauma-informed approach to support you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, build a supportive and flexible mindset, create meaningful and sustainable change while giving yourself the space and permission to explore, review and expand in the most true, joyful and impactful ways. All while acknowledging the wider context, systems and conditioning that underpin our reality.

›› I bring 10 years of University studies, specialist, trauma-informed training and work experience in Psychology, Therapy, CBT and Mental Health Services; 7+ years of running my own Coaching business supporting hundreds of people; training and experience teaching Yoga and Mindfulness; an active commitment to my own development through ongoing training, mentoring and supervision. You can read about my all qualifications here.

›› My full commitment to you and my unwavering belief in your potential, during the time we work together and beyond. I only work with a handful of 1:1 clients at a time so that my energy and attention is fully focused on you and the work we’re doing together. We’re in this journey together!

›› Sessions are a specialised and unique intuitive blend of evidence-based Coaching practices, Mentoring, Self Belief Coaching, Psychological Therapy tools, Mindfulness and other techniques tailored to you.

You + I:

We’re a team, you and I.

We work collaboratively, transparently and with great respect for our sacred coaching relationship.

In my sessions I use a unique blend of:

+ Inner work: self reflection, journaling, contemplation

+ Psychological expertise: evidence-based tools grounded in motivation/behaviour change theory, positive psychology, cognitive theory/CBT and Self Belief Coaching

+ Meditation and Breath-work

+ Mindfulness and Self Compassion tools


My commitment to you:

I consider working with my clients a privilege and a great responsibility. During our time together (and beyond), you can count on me to be honest, real and transparent with you, to be fully present with where you are, yet to help you see beyond what is in front of you. I create a brave space for you to open up without judgment or assumptions. I do this by working with my own mentor and seeking supervision for accountability. We become a team, focused on you and what matters the most. I am there for you, as long as you show up fully for the work and yourself.

What you need to know before saying YES:

This is serious work and requires commitment, effort and courage. This is not a quick fix. Be prepared to engage in self reflection, to work on your mindset and to get honest about habits and beliefs that may no longer support where and who you truly want to be. This work involves experimenting with different techniques and developing self compassion, patience and perseverance. It involves allowing yourself to be held and seen so that you can learn to do that for yourself. Expect to get really honest with yourself, to laugh, to get upset, to get emotional, to get vulnerable, to feel brave and humble and powerful and inspired and scared all at the same time. And to take lots of action.


PACKAGES + PRICING (Updated Nov 2023):

Option 1: One-on-One Coaching | 3 months or 6 months

An immersive, psychologically informed journey together to support you in feeling empowered to take up space, build deep self trust, get clear on what matters to you, navigate fear and self doubt and take real action in building a fulfilling life that feels good from within.

This is for you if you're looking to unpack various themes with space for exploration, action and integration.


▽ Package of 6x or 12x coaching sessions, consisting of:

- 1x In Depth Initial Consultation & Coaching Session (90-120mins) over Zoom

- 5x or 11x Coaching Sessions (60-90mins), arranged roughly every 2 weeks

▽ Ongoing support and coaching in between sessions via email + chat/voice notes (Whatsapp/Signal apps) for guidance and accountability during weekdays

▽ Relevant tools, resources, worksheets & recommendations picked and shared with you in between sessions

Pre-coaching Clarity & Intentions Questionnaire

▽ Free access to the Client Vault: a wide selection of workshops, meditation audios, trainings and resources to support you, plus client-only rates for paid events/workshops/retreats.

Pricing Options (Self Assessed on a trust basis):

3 month package / 6x sessions

Standard Rate: £900 |

Supported Rate: £750 |

Corporate/Contribution Rate: £1100 |

*Non-punitive monthly & extended payment plans are available for all options/rates; Example of payment plan for Standard Rate 3month option: 4x monthly payments of £225 or 6x monthly payments of £150

6 month package / 12x sessions

Standard Rate: £1750 |

Supported Rate: £1450 |

Corporate/Contribution Rate: £2150 |

*Non-punitive monthly & extended payment plans are available for all options/rates; Example of payment plan for Standard Rate 6month option: 7x monthly payments of £250 or 10x monthly payments of £175.

A note about 3-tier pricing:

I have introduced a self assessed 3-tier pricing model on a trial basis as a way of offering more options and affordability in my work. This means you are able to make your own assessment without needing to provide income proof - I will trust your assessment of what your selected tier is.

For guidance:

If you can afford the Standard Rate, I kindly ask that you select that when choosing to work together.

The Reduced Rate is open to anyone who is currently unable to commit to the Standard Rate, for any reason - you will not be asked to provide proof or go through any process of selection for choosing the Reduced Rate.

If you are in a position to make an additional contribution, or if your organisation is funding part of or the full amount of your coaching package, I ask that you select the Corporate/Contribution Rate, which allows me to keep offering more spots at the Supported Rate.

If you believe that working together is something that would support you, but the pricing at any tier is prohibitive due to your circumstances, please reach out and we can discuss other options available.

Option 2: One-off RESET Sessions - CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

The RESET sessions are one-off 75minute coaching and mental wellbeing support sessions offering you a space to decompress, untangle and gain clarity, without the commitment and intensity of a coaching series.


▽ 1x 75mins Session over Zoom

▽ Audio recording of session (optional)

Recommendations + resources shared via email if relevant post-session


I understand that working together is a big commitment and I wish to offer you all the information you need to make an informed decision without urgency.

If you'd like us to consider working together, please book a time to have a brief chat where we can discuss what support you are looking for, I can answer your questions and share how working together may look like. There is no expectation or commitment when you arrange a call with me - you can take your time after the call to decide what is best for you. If for any reason it is my professional opinion that working with me would not be supportive or appropriate, I will share this with you and aim to offer alternative suggestions/recommendations.

You can check availability and book a call free of charge via my online schedule here.

You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to help me get an idea of what you are hoping to work on.

" Working with Ariadne gave me focus, perspective, new ways of looking at things, it helped me to dig deep and access parts of myself I was not in touch with, it helped me learn more about myself and understand ways I could support and encourage myself, both now and in the future. The positivity I received from Ariadne and the work we did together really helped cement more trust and support in myself, I am so much kinder to myself now, I use a different language, I recognise my patterns and protection and self sabotage and work on living a fuller, more creative life."

Nelly, UK

"Over the last few months, Ariadne has been my absolute champion! She's not only helped me work through my self-limiting beliefs but has also shown me that I already have the tools within me to flourish. I already feel like a changed person and truly believe in myself now, ready to continue turning my dreams into reality. I'm so pleased that I invested in this journey with Ariadne, it's one of the best decisions I have made - thank you for everything!"

Jo H

"I've been working with Ariadne for some years now, which in and of itself says a lot as I admire and trust her deeply to do this deep inner work. Ariadne always, ALWAYS creates clarity and holds a truly safe space to feel all the feels and she brings a sense of lightness and depth simultaneously. We came together for coaching to help me get clear on my business and help it move forward and as humans do, I had created expectations of what I thought the journey would look like. By the end, I realised it was nothing like I had envisioned, it was better. Ariadne has taught me to slow down and to listen to my protector (my fears). I wish the coaching would never end! Thank you Ariadne, for everything!"

Jackie B

"Ariadne is a wise, gentle and loving person who provides a safe and comforting space to be able to explore yourself, challenge yourself and connect with yourself. Her wise words, questions and encouragement have meant the world to me which enabled me to transform and connect with who I am. Not only have I changed my career but I have discovered so much of myself.

Ariadne's experience, knowledge and qualifications especially in the mental health profession is a true asset and it's evident that she uses it to inform her practice. Ariadne there just aren't enough words I can use which represents how thankful I am to you and what a difference you have made to me."

Sarah E

"Ariadne activated so much in me and held my hand throughout our journey adjusting to my speed, from baby steps to big leaps. Working with her has been like putting pieces of a puzzle together, she listened, always heard me, and pointed me towards the pieces I was missing or I was looking at the wrong way around. She helped me re-organize and name the tools I use and patterns I fall into in my own internal discourse and to be kind towards myself, my present, and my future always nourishing the safe, serene atmosphere she created in each of our sessions."

Camilla G