Welcome and thank you for your interest in working with me. My approach is a unique union, which blends psychological theory with yogic tools and coaching practice. In my work I draw on my training and experience in Psychology and my professional life coaching training, combined with mindfulness and other tools and techniques to create an intuitive and healing space.

My coaching style is holistic, heart-centred and harmonises healing and growth from all angles.


Specifically, I use:

+ Inner work: reflection, contemplation, journaling and more
+ Psychological expertise: motivation/behaviour change theory, positive psychology and cognitive theory/CBT techniques
+ Yoga and meditation tools and techniques
+ Mindfulness and compassion work
+ Essential oils to deepen all aspects of our work together

More about me here (short version or full story).

Ask yourself, what would life look like if…


You felt empowered and confident to lead with your heart and away from seeking constant reassurance from others.

You felt radiant, joyful, present and whole. You felt good in your own skin.

You showed up day after day trusting your gut and took brave steps towards your vision (whatever that might be).

You learnt to release your negative inner critic, moved away from stress and fear and trusted your self deeply.

You made space for all parts of you; the talents, the quirks, the cracks, the bits that scare you.


It’s time to take full responsibility for your life and own your story. 
I’m talking intentional and inspired action that comes from your intuition (your heart, your gut, your true Self, whatever rocks your boat) and respects the whole you.

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‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. Working with Ariadne opened me up to myself. Our time together enabled me to reconnect with myself, to find my purpose and identify what I was lacking in myself – with both practical advice and spiritual guidance. Ariadne helped me to become much more self aware and reflective with her unequivocal kindness, patience and understanding.’

Laurie McA | London

But wait, what is coaching?

In a nutshell: Life Coaching supports people uncover what is truly important to them, assisting them create meaningful and lasting change in their life. Working with the person as a whole, coaching invites you to take into account your physical, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. You will be guided to set goals aligned with how you want to feel and create a realistic and challenging plan to actively move towards the changes you desire. Coaching is a positive, dynamic and collaborative process which focuses on identifying your strengths, uncovering your potential and building confidence and self esteem.

Coaching is recommended if you feel stressed, overwhelmed, disconnected from yourself, lost and unsure of how to move forward or, if you feel inspired to create a more conscious and purpose-filled life. Helping you to not only address adversity, working with a coach will also teach you to identify thought and behavioural barriers that keep you stuck, while holding you accountable to your goals and teaching you powerful tools to create real change. Coaching facilitates personal growth and a deeper understanding of yourself, thus aiding you to take confident action towards improving your life, bringing about balance and greater sense of wellbeing.

I can help you with:

+ Feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed

+ Or if you’re feeling numb, confused and disconnected

+ Finding your balance between the various areas of your life

+ Reducing fear-based decision making and move towards heart-centered living

+ Learning practices to increase confidence and self esteem

+ Identifying subcounscious, negative thinking and unhelpful beliefs that hold you back

+ Connecting to your inner guidance and letting go of the need for reassurance from others

+ Mindfully creating nourishing self care routines that boost your vitality, health and emotional wellbeing

+ Learning to deal with negative emotions

+ Building meaningful and supportive relationships

+ Find what drives you and flow through the process of change and transition

+ Feel grounded exactly where you are, right now

+ Inviting abundance into all parts of your life




‘Ariadne came to me at a time where I was stuck, unsure about my future and my self-esteem was low. With her unique coaching program she was able to encourage me, inspire me and get me back on track to follow my dreams despite what other people where saying. She has a big heart, knows what she is talking about and gets your spirits up and high.
Thanks so much for what you have done and I can highly recommend you and your work.’

kind wordsMirjam Helder | Switzerland

     coaching london


You + I:

We’re a team, you and I. We work collaboratively, transparently and with great respect for our sacred coaching relationship.

You’re open-minded and whole-hearted, willing to do the work, curious, sensitive and a passionate  dreamer.

You’re ready for this.

I’m soulful, compassionate, intuitive and have deep belief in you.


Coaching Wellbeing Psychology


Coaching sessions take place over Skype/phone or in person in London, UK.

If you’d like to discuss the details and have a chat before deciding, feel free to send me an email with your questions.

I cannot wait to work with you!


lizzieThank you is not really enough. I have found this experience healing, motivating and inspiring.
You guided me to work on {my} feelings and find inspiration to take care of myself. I felt like I was existing while trying to navigate life. Somehow through exploration you managed to encourage and nurture myself from the core. My whole life motivation has been explored and encouraged. You allowed me to germinate all the things I am good at and really enjoy to build a future and new goals. Your skills are unique, you have the gifts of compassion, empathy and nurture. You are a joy to chat with, to be guided by and to meditate with. You are beautiful inside and out. Thank you so very much, I look forward to working with you in the future, to meditating, yoga-ing and eventually giving you a huge hug. Lizzie Mander, Health Visitor | London
eosCoaching with you felt nourishing, soulful and loving!
Before working with you, I felt blocked to go ahead and take action. I felt that I lived too much in my head and had difficulty to start and do the things I wanted to do. I love your authenticity, the way you show up in the world and reading your blog inspires me. Through coaching with you I have become more gentle with myself and give my own self the permission to not be perfect. The biggest change I have created is having a better life-work balance which helps me to stay rooted in my everyday life.

testimonialAwareness – Vulnerability – Achievement. Thank you! Really. Thank you! 
Thanks to you (.) I feel more confident about dealing with my life wobbles. Our sessions have given me so much, and made me realise you don’t have to just keep going with negative thoughts or insecurity. After my first session, I felt completely rejuvenated. I immediately got out my yoga mat, did 40 minutes of yoga and then wrote in my diary and made my dinner; I felt energised. The biggest change for me has been recognising my reactions to situations, and then being able to alter the way I deal with them. There are ways to adjust how you view situations, and look at yourself. I try now to think ‘If I don’t respect myself and my decisions, how can I expect others to do the same?’ any time I feel a bit shy or unsure. Caitlin Buckley | London

melCoaching with you has been refreshing, uplifting and grounding – you are wonderful!
I was feeling completely lost, not really knowing where I was going and what I was doing. I had lost sight of my abilities and my strengths and was doubting my ability as a mother, as a teacher, as a nutritionist and was feeling very low. During coaching, I felt extremely freed from all the negativity I was carrying around with me. I have realised how much space negative thoughts can take up in my head, how little time I’d been putting aside for myself and what a negative effect that was having on me. My biggest achievement is the change in my inner dialogue. Previously I was giving myself a hard time about everything, but now “I speak to myself with love and kindness”. Melanie Loizou, Teacher & Nutritionist | London

testimonial Working with Ariadne these past 3 months has (…) been the highlight of my week!
What I loved the most about coaching is the combination of introspection, which is a more introverted and low energy process, with “futurespection” and setting goals which creates excitement, optimism and high energy. She has been great to work with, very generous, supportive and encouraging- I knew that I could free-write whatever came to my mind and just press send and not only would she not be judgmental, but actually cheer me for being honest. I am a true fan and advocate of her work and will definitely be working with her again in the future! The whole experience has been joyful, exciting and enlightening! Virginia Gaka, Data Analytics Manager | London