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Welcome and thank you for being here.

Let me start by getting really clear: I am not here to fix you. Firstly, you are not broken. Secondly, and most importantly, if something needs to be fixed, YOU have to be the one engaging in the process of fixing it. The greatest moment is the one you realise you have found the answer yourself. (Or that there was no answer at all!)

YOU have to be the one to guide yourself back home, to you.

My coaching philosophy is a unique union, which blends psychological theory with yogic tools and coaching practice. I draw on my training and experience in Psychology and my professional Life Coaching training, combined with mindfulness and other tools and techniques to create an intuitive and healing space.

My coaching style is all about getting to know yourself, what is important to you and taking real action to prioritise the things give meaning to you. I am not here to teach you the magic formula to change your life; I am here to remind you that your real, raw and messy self is what matters. My sincerest hope is that you trust your own gut.

So while I will hold your hand and walk right next to you, YOU will decide which way to go. Which mountains to climb, which seas to dive into. YOU will make your own journey; I just get to witness you grow and that is a privilege.

To understand more about my coaching philosophy and what to expect when working with me, please read my story.

"Ariadne works from the heart. It’s a soul to soul conversation. I remember leaving our sessions with a sense of bliss and deep connection to myself, like I had never felt before. I felt I was in a safe space to show up to myself, let go of all the barriers that were holding me back and lean into my vulnerability in order to find out who I am."

Examples of areas we can focus on:

›› Get to know, understand and trust yourself deeply

›› Reduce fear-based decision making and move towards heart-centered living

›› Learn practices to increase confidence and self esteem and stand up for what you believe in

›› Identify subconscious, negative thinking and unhelpful beliefs that hold you back

›› Trust yourself and let go of the need for reassurance from others

›› Learn to manage challenging emotions & unhelpful habits

›› Build meaningful and supportive relationships with healthy, clear boundaries

›› Own your strength and flow through the process of change and transition

›› Make space in your life for things that matter

›› Stop hiding from your potential


In a nutshell: Life Coaching supports people uncover what is truly important to them, assisting them create meaningful and lasting change in their life. Working with the person as a whole, coaching invites you to take into account your physical, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

You will be guided to set goals aligned with how you want to feel and create a realistic and challenging plan to actively move towards the changes you desire. Coaching is a positive, dynamic and collaborative process which focuses on identifying your strengths, uncovering your potential and building confidence and self esteem.

Helping you to not only address adversity, working with a coach will also teach you to identify thought and behavioural barriers that keep you stuck, while holding you accountable to your goals and teaching you powerful tools to create real change.

Coaching facilitates personal growth and a deeper understanding of yourself, thus aiding you to take confident action towards improving your life, bringing about balance and greater sense of wellbeing.

You + I:

We’re a team, you and I.

We work collaboratively, transparently and with great respect for our sacred coaching relationship.

In my sessions I use a unique blend of:

+ Inner work: self reflection, journaling, contemplation

+ Psychological expertise: motivation/behaviour change theory, positive psychology, cognitive theory/CBT

+ Meditation and Breathwork

+ Mindfulness and compassion tools


My promise to you:

I consider working with my clients a privilege and a great responsibility. During our time together (and beyond), you can count on me to be honest, real and raw with you, to be fully present with where you are, yet to help you see beyond what is in front of you. I create a safe space for you to open up without judgment or assumptions. We become a team, focused on you and what matters the most. I am there for you, as long as you show up fully for the work and yourself.

What you need to know before saying YES:

This is serious work and requires commitment, effort and courage. This is not a quick fix. Be prepared to do some self reflection, to work on your mindset and to get honest about habits and beliefs that keep you stuck. This work involves experimenting with different techniques and developing self compassion, patience and perseverance. Expect to get really honest with yourself, to laugh, to get upset, to get emotional, to get vulnerable, to feel brave and humble and powerful and inspired and scared all at the same time. And to take lots of action.


Let’s join forces

PLEASE NOTE // I am currently gratefully fully booked for my 1:1 packages until early 2021. If you would love for us to work together, I am currently taking on clients for 2021, so if you're keen to secure your spot, you can book a brief chat with me below to discuss your options.


If this sounds like what you need, let’s get started!

Book yourself in for a brief clarity chat (30mins) over Skype/Zoom using my online diary.

This will give us a chance to connect, get clear and discuss the options before committing to working together over time. Once you have booked in, you will receive a link to complete a brief clarity questionnaire before we speak, to help us focus on your areas of priority. There is no commitment at this stage, so you can ask me questions to help decide whether you see us working together.

I usually work with most clients for 3-6 months, depending on what each person is working on. I believe real, meaningful and sustainable changes take time to implement and refine, especially when dealing with mindset, conditioning and psychological health. In my experience the biggest transformations occur when we make space for the process of doing the real, inner work.

"Thank you again for being so supportive and creating an open, safe space for me to explore my life. It's been a real journey and one I needed to go on for sure! Your coaching has helped me get back on track and understand myself a little more so THANK YOU. All that is invaluable."