private yoga sessions

You + I

Fully tailored sequences to suit your body, mind and soul
Develop and sustain a nourishing home practice
Learn mindfulness and meditation
Understand your body and what it needs
Challenge yourself and what you think is possible
Improve your sleep and energy levels
Reduce stress, anxiety and overwhelm
Sweat, detox and push your limits (if that’s what you’re craving)
Relax, breathe and surrender into the moment
Gain insight into your energetic body (think chakras, Prana and all that funky stuff!)
Have fun and learn to laugh at yourself!



‘Ariadne has been a godsend to my life. Helping me build up my yoga practice and supporting me through my yoga journey. She has given me confidence to try poses that I wouldn’t have thought possible and has encouraged me to incorporate yoga into my life, off the mat. She has shown me how to find moments of stillness within the many hectic and stressful moments of city life. I love my sessions with Ariadne, they have without doubt enriched my experience of life!’

Nikki, Fashion PR | London

During my Private Yoga and/or Meditation Sessions you will receive:

+ Initial thorough consultation using a holistic approach to understand your goals, body, general wellbeing and injuries/ailments.
+ Personalised and tailored practices to suit your needs and your body
+ Hands on instruction and adjustments
+ Complimentary use of purest, therapeutic quality essential oils to deepen your practice and meet your needs
+ Asana practice with the option to include meditation, breathing, yoga nidra and restorative practices, OR Meditation/Mindfulness guided practices & teaching (if no physical practice of yoga is required).
+ Yoga philosophy teachings, which apply to your practice on and off the mat
+ Fun, creative and expressive sequences
+ Learn to practice safely for your body and refine your alignment in postures
+ Summary of sessions and home practice sheets to keep when relevant



private yoga sessions


Private Yoga & Meditation Sessions


〉One-on-one sessions specifically tailored to your needs. These highly individualised sessions will help you either start on, re-connect to and/or deepen your yoga/meditation practice and help you work towards a consistent home practice over time. These packages are great for addressing specific concerns in your practice, improving strength and flexibility and working with injury.

〉Yoga Questionnaire: To find out about your health history, your needs and your past yoga experience (if any).

Initial consultation (90 mins): Initial in depth consultation to assess your needs, find out more about your goals and your body. Yoga, meditation and breathwork included in this tailored session.

Includes: post session notes & recommendations sent via email, photos (if relevant).

Follow up sessions: I will support you to build and deepen your practice, improve your alignment and meet your long term goals. We will also consider and help you address barriers and challenges when it comes to developing your home practice of yoga/meditation.

With ongoing packages we have the opportunity to break down different postures, work on intermediate/advanced postures (including deeper backbends/inversions) if appropriate, deepen your knowledge and understanding of different yoga practices and focus on various aspects of your practice. We also have the space to include practices of meditation, mindfulness, guided visualisation and pranayama if desirable.


Packages include:

〉Personalised sequences for home practice 

〉Guided meditations (audio) created especially for you to meet your needs and goals

〉Post-session notes, tips and advice

〉All sessions include use of pure, highly therapeutic grade essential oils to help you relax and go deeper in your practice.


These sessions are recommended for you if you:

〉Are committed and devoted to improving your health and wellbeing.

〉Are a beginner, intermediate or total yoga newbie looking to introduce yoga/meditation/mindfulness in your life

〉Are looking to go deeper into certain aspects of yoga (postures, philosophy, etc) and/or want to learn how to meditate.

〉Are willing to work towards a home practice with recommended homework. 

〉Are looking to bring about significant transformation on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

〉Are working with injury, pain, stress and/or sleep difficulties (You may also be interested in my specialised Yoga for Stress sessions)



Investment: Initial consultation (90mins) £85 

£475 for 8 sessions | £675 for 12 sessions | £1100 for 20 sessions

One-off sessions (60mins) £65;

One-off sessions: Please be aware that as I primarily work with clients who are interested in ongoing guidance and support over time, I have limited availability for one-off sessions. Feel free to contact me to discuss your needs. 

(Payment plans available for all packages)



Further details:

+ Private yoga lessons take place at your home in London, or online via Skype/Zoom. Alternatively I occasionally use a private studio (subject to availability).
+ Locations: North London, Central London, East London, Islington, Dalston, Camden, Highbury, Hackney, Stoke Newington and more.
+ Sessions must be booked in advance
+ There is a 24 hour cancellation policy for individual sessions.

Send me an email to discuss your needs, rates and availability.