A R I A D N E / / K A P S A L I


/The anxiety antidote/

SPACE TO BREATHE is an intensive 4-week online course designed to teach you to take control of your anxiety, learn practical tools to self soothe and help you to rise above overwhelm, so that you can stop beating yourself up about every little thing, take confident action on the things you say you'll do and stop missing out on your life.

Using a variety of simple yet powerful techniques, holistic practices and psychological input, Space to Breathe will guide you to create your own toolkit, empowering you to take charge of your mind, soothe the body and finally do the things that make you happy.

When your mind is consumed with all the worries, overwhelm, uncertainty and all the ways you are messing things up; when it’s spinning at 200 km/h judging everything you do, it leaves no space for YOU. You feel as if your mind becomes that mean inner voice, sabotaging your every move. Constantly questioning your decisions, doubting yourself, is depleting your confidence - fast, and frankly, it's exhausting. You feel disconnected, out of control, like your world is moving too fast. And you don't know how to stop it.

There are so many things you want to do, you know you're not living up to your potential. You have felt times when life flows and you're showing up fully, but before you know it, you're back feeling depleted and defeated. You want to experience life more fully, but you keep hitting against the same wall: the anxious, negative voice in your head.

SPACE TO BREATHE is about making space in your life: space to breathe, to feel, to create, to flourish and thrive. Space for YOU.

Imagine what life would be like if:

→ Fear no longer stopped you from showing up, so that you finally get to do the scary, exciting things you want to do (like changing your job, starting your business, or going on that date)!

→ You felt able to choose what thoughts and beliefs get to guide your decisions, so that you stop needing validation from others.

→ You felt clearer and focused in your mind, so that you took action on your dreams and goals.

→ You no longer felt overwhelmed by the small things, so that you can connect deeply with the people that matter most to you.

→ You trusted yourself to work through the hard stuff, so that you can find your deeper purpose.

You felt balanced and grounded in your own power, so that you no longer compared yourself to others.

You knew how to take care of your body, mind and soul when life got challenging, so that you stop the burnout cycle.

You had space to breathe, so that you feel able to switch off and relax.

Do any of these sound familiar?

→ I don’t have enough time to do the things I am supposed to, let alone the things that make me happy.

→ My thoughts spiral out of control and I cannot see the wood for the trees.

→ I don’t know how to not care about what other people think.

→ When I feel stressed or anxious, my body takes over and I can not control it.

→ I don’t feel like myself.

→ My heart is going to jump out of my chest/I feel like I can't breathe.

→ I keep going over every option, every possibility, over everything that can go wrong and it is exhausting.

→ I’m so afraid I’ll mess up that I don’t even try.

→ There is so much to do, I don’t even know where to start.

→ Nobody understands what I’m going through.

→ I can’t switch off or relax.

→ I can’t focus/I’m always in my head.

→ It makes me feel I am not good enough.

Are you nodding? Read on...

Having coached and supported hundreds of people suffering from the effects of stress and overwhelm, what I know for sure is that YOU CAN GET THROUGH THIS. Even though it now feels totally overpowering, your mind does not have to be in charge of you.

Life does not have to feel so stressful.

I promise.

I created SPACE TO BREATHE to give you a solid foundation into the effects and impact of stress/anxiety from a physical, psychological and spiritual perspective and to remind you of your own power. The course combines my favourite and most effective tools from my background in Psychological therapies, with Mindfulness, Meditation, breathing exercises, self coaching techniques and more, strategically guiding you deeper through each of the key layers: Body, Mind, Mindset and Soul.

Read about my story here.

"I wanted to start by saying that I've found your anxiety course (Space to Breathe) so, so helpful. I really love how well thought out it is and it makes me realise that I'm not alone in feeling anxiety which is something that's easy to forget... Your voice and demeanour are so lovely, it makes me feel calmer just listening to you!" - J.B., UK

"Ariadne really helped me to see things from a different perspective and focus on myself and my own needs. She also provided me with a helpful set of mental tools that I could choose from during the more stressful times of my life, that to this day always come back to when I need to." - V.D., UK.

"Working with Ariadne provided me with the space I needed to take a closer look at my life and explore what I needed to do to be happier and feel more fulfilled. Whilst always supportive, she gently challenged me to question some of the stories about myself that I was still holding on to and to accept that they didn't have to limit my future." - P.B., UK.


SPACE TO BREATHE is built around the following pillars:

→ Breath as a Tool for self soothing
→ Mastering your Mind
→ Education for empowerment & confidence
→ Building sustainable habits
→ Self responsibility, contemplation and deep self knowledge

Through the 4 weeks of the course, I will guide you through each layer so that:

→ You gain a deep understanding of your own mind and body
→ You feel supported through the journey as you try out different techniques
→ You build confidence in creating your own toolkit and rituals and step out of the negative spiral
→ You build a healthy relationship with your own mind and a stronger connection to your inner guidance
→ You feel in charge of your own life
→ You trust in your own resilience to carry yourself through the harder stuff life throws at you
→ You make space to breathe freely and lovingly

"You have packed Space to Breathe with so much helpful info. I've been spending time with the content and meditations each morning and I've no doubt it's a big factor in me feeling calm (through corona-times)." - K.B., UK.

"Ariadne helped me become my own cheerleader, giving myself credit without any buts. My anxiety completely went as I accepted my emotions rather than letting them build up. I feel free!" - M.J., UK.


Module One

ANCHOR IN / The Body Layer

→ Learn how your body responds to Stress and Why

→ Understand the link between the breath and the nervous system

→ The breathing tool to soothe your anxiety that you have access to anytime, anywhere.

→ How to ground yourself when you’re too much in your head

→ The no1 Anxiety Buster practice you need to commit to right now

→ How to cultivate trust in your body

Module Two

INTO THE WILD / The Mind Layer

→ Looking deeply into the wild nature of your thinking processes

→ How to coach yourself out of the negative thought spiral

→ The mind traps you keep falling into and how to avoid them

→ How to stop worrying about the little things once and for all

→ How to reclaim power over your own mind

→ My favourite mindfulness practice for getting out of your head

Module Three

RECLAIM YOUR POWER / The Mindset Layer

→ Understanding the function of your inner critic and fear

→ How to stop believing the crap you keep telling yourself

→ Why fighting your fear doesn't work and what to do instead

→ How to actually change how you think

→ Building confidence I: taking courageous action

→ How to shift from fear to self trust and key steps to a positive mindset

Module Four

FLOURISH / The Soul Layer

→ How to stop beating yourself up and how to deal with setbacks

→ Why you are self sabotaging and how to manage resistance

→ Building Confidence II: how to set your boundaries

→ How to manage challenging emotions with grace

→ How to find balance day to day

→ My favourite ways to reconnect on a soul level

→ How to build your Self Care Toolkit



Once you sign in you will receive a confirmation email. Within 24hrs you will receive the Module 1 email. Please make sure you check your spam folder.

Each week you will receive an email which contains all of the below:

Weekly in depth lessons*: audio/video format (bite-size and deep dive lessons included)

Weekly corresponding workbooks*: resources, exercises and further recommendations

Weekly inner practices*: short meditation/visualisation practices in audio or video format

*All content is delivered digitally over email in audio, video and PDF format. Materials are downloadable so you can keep using them for your ongoing benefit. You will need an email address and access to a computer/smartphone to complete the course.