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Let's change your relationship to Self Doubt and help you feel that unshakeable sense of Self Belief, shall we?

This is a highly tailored and focused group and one-on-one program which is created to teach you how to navigate Self Doubt and transcend fear conditioning, how to build helpful and empowering beliefs and habits which lead you to meet your goals, and how to do it in a way that is effective, sustainable and compassionate. No bullshit and no good-vibes-only energy.

Building healthy Self Esteem, a deep sense of Self Worth and Self Belief that is rooted and grounded in who you truly are at your core (and not who the world expects you to be), begins with understanding the psychological mechanisms and strategies you have developed to protect you from harm.

I am here to teach you how to not only feel confident to do the things you want to do, but to also know, deep-in-your-gut know, that whatever the outcome, you've got this. To teach you how to hold the emotional tension and fear that comes with living your life the way you aspire to, while you heal your relationship to your own protective mechanisms, so that you can lessen the need for unhelpful coping mechanisms which feel like self sabotage.

To help you build capacity to change long held patterns of behaviour and cognitive beliefs. I am here to show you how you can feel so clear in who you are now, while cultivating compassion for the tender parts of you that try to keep you safe from change.

I am here to hold space for you while you boldly step into embodying your Healthy Self and build a life that feels rooted in your values. I am here to remind you that you can hold both fear and immense trust, without going into survival mode.

THAT is unshakeable Self belief. THAT is living as Unapologetically Yourself.

To understand more about my coaching philosophy, my training/qualifications and what to expect when working with me, please read my story.

"Working with Ariadne has given me the tools to manage everyday problems I had been living with since a young age. Our work also helped me to understand other areas I had been struggling to make sense of in more recent years and provided me the space to explore these in a way that felt timely, comfortable and secure. Ariadne is a fantastic person to learn with; she is intuitive, knowledgeable, respectful, transparent and has a strong work ethic. I would recommend coaching with Ariadne to any friend who is navigating uncertainty, who needs to take action or who would like to know themselves at a deeper level. I wish I had found Ariadne earlier in life and I can’t thank her enough for the support, wise words and time shared with me during the last few months." EG

"When I first signed up for coaching with Ariadne in early 2019, I was dealing with a lot of unresolved trauma, anger, fear and illness and felt like my whole life was in need of a revamp. I have since participated in 1:1 and group coaching with her; Ariadne has been an incredible source of strength and support in my emotional, mental and physical healing process throughout. She allows me to really sit with my feelings and has an amazing way of reframing things so I can find my own solutions for the most difficult problems. During my process, my body has healed, I have met my perfect partner, found an incredible job, have been able to buy my own home totally independently; I feel more secure, more joyful, and more at ease, every day. Ariadne has shown me it is possible to get what you want." KK

You know that mean inner voice that says you're not good enough? Yep, that one.

We all have it.

Self doubt is by far the number one barrier my clients face when they consider taking action towards their goals. In some cases, self doubt, or lack of self worth, stops you from even allowing yourself to dream beyond what you know, keeping you stuck, limited and unfulfilled.

Self doubt (or fear, inner critic, ego; however you wish to call it) has a function, yet most of the time the advice is to ignore, squash or fight it. After many years of coaching hundreds of people in understanding themselves and creating meaningful change in their lives, I know that ignoring self doubt (or worse, trying to fight it) simply doesn’t work. Neither does “positive thinking” and swapping your negative beliefs for generalised positive affirmations.

Self doubt is part of our psychological blueprint and to transcend it, you need to go deep into understanding it, its roots and your individual way of relating to that voice. It is not an easy, quick fix; in fact it requires a willingness to be with yourself, to sit with challenging emotions before you move to reframing your beliefs.

One of the hardest things to comprehend is that the beliefs you consider negative or limiting have in fact been working to protect you most of your life. Even the meanest, most awful thing you tell yourself may be acting as a form of protection from experiencing potential harm.

So while we work on helping you feel resourced and more confident to do the things you want to do, we also want to go deep into understanding the root causes of those beliefs you carry that have been leading the way, until now.

In 2021, I completed a 6-month specialist, ICF certified, training diploma in Self Belief Coaching based on Developmental Psychology principles. This, on top of my training in Psychological therapies, CBT interventions and Mindfulness, has meant I support my clients to go way beyond what looks like confidence on the outside, so they get to experience sustainable, meaningful transformation in their inner landscape.

I have now put together this knowledge, tools and training to create a group/1:1 program specifically designed to help you change your relationship to self doubt.

This program is created for you if:

Lack of self belief/confidence is having a negative impact in your life.

You have a strong inner critic or strong negative voice

You are willing to dive into a dedicated coaching program which is designed to help you feel equipped, resourced and empowered to transform their relationship to self doubt.

It is a container where you get to deeply understand and heal the root causes of self doubt, while building deep self belief, self trust, self acceptance and self worth.


Here’s some of what we will explore together:

- What your self doubt archetype is and what that means about your relationship to your self doubt/low self esteem

- Identify the ways your self doubt/low self esteem shows up and the protective beliefs you hold (as well as the root for them)

- Uncover the psychological risks your self doubt is protecting you from

- Shift the underlying meaning of protective beliefs so that you are liberated and empowered to take action and meet your goals

- Change your relationship to your self doubt so it no longer rules your mind and your life

- Hold the emotional tension and fear that comes with living your life your way and build your capacity to receive more goodness in your life

- Heal your relationship to your protective mechanisms, so that you can lessen the need for unhelpful coping mechanisms which feel like self sabotage (eg procrastination)

- Ways to deal with conflict, judgement and criticism

- Discover who you truly are underneath protective patterns and coping strategies

- Go beyond outward confidence to build deep inner self belief

- Learn how to show up as your Healthy Self and feel resourced to do things you want to do

- Learn how to map and take courageous steps in line with your values, dreams & goals


- Duration: 5 months

- Opening and Closing Circles

- 2x group sessions per month (total 8) during Months 1-4, comprised of:

- 1x Led Workshop/Training Session per month (90mins) Total 4: In the workshops I will guide you through key learnings, techniques and psychological input to explore and shift your relationship to self doubt. The workshops will include teaching, discussion and reflective exercises

- 1x Open Group Coaching Session per month (1,5-2hrs) Total 4: In these open coaching sessions we will have coaching conversations as a group and with each person individually to support you to work through how self doubt affects you in your life/work/relationships, to identify your specific protective beliefs and go deeper into how you can create change. We will also be agreeing on “homework”/tasks to help you with your goals and intentions. These sessions are vital in changing your relationship to your self doubt.

- A dedicated Embodiment & Integration Month (month 5): A whole month at the end of the program to practice embodying your new beliefs, take action towards your goals and feel supported as you integrate your learnings (no live workshops/group sessions during Month 5).

- 2x 1:1 coaching sessions during the program: We will have 2x one-on-one coaching sessions (60-90mins) during the program for individualised coaching support, really hone in to the roots of your self doubt and specific patterns, helping you to apply the learnings, work through barriers and keep breaking down self doubt.

- Ongoing Group Community Chat channel: for accountability, support and coaching input from me and each other.

- Ongoing 1:1 Chat/Voice support: during weekdays throughout the program (excluding holidays)

- Relevant resources: Worksheets, meditations, additional reading, etc will be provided as needed.


Month 1: Uncovering the Roots of Self Doubt + Meeting your Protector

Month 2: Working with your underlying beliefs + Designing practical experiments for change

Month 3: Stepping into Your Healthy Adult Self + Transcending Self Doubt

Month 4: Overcoming Fear of Judgment & Conflict

Month 5: Embodying Change + Integration

This is for you if you are:

- Committed to your own growth and self enquiry

- Open to working with your protective beliefs and with challenging emotions

- Committed to be an active participant of a small group, co-creating a safe, non judgmental space that celebrates individuality as well as community

- Willing to sit with discomfort while learning how to expand your capacity

- Able to commit for the duration of the program

- Willing to invest time, finances, energy and focus for the duration of the program

- Complete a feedback form at completion


Group 1: July 2023*

Group 2: September 2023*

*Exact times/dates will be agreed when the group comes together to accommodate timezones/commitments.


Cost of the program £850, paid in full or a tailored payment plan to suit you.

Examples of Payment plans:

2x payments of £425

5x monthly payments of £170

8x monthly payments of £106.25

10x monthly payments of £85

*A small number of part scholarships are available for this program, please contact me to discuss if finances are currently not permitting you to join us.


Applications are now open, spaces are limited to 6 max.

To claim a spot in the July or September intakes, please email me at hello@ariadnekapsali.com

I understand that working together is a big commitment and I wish to offer you all the information you need to make an informed decision without urgency.

If you'd prefer to have a chat to help you decide if this program is for you, please book a time where we can discuss what support you are looking for, I can answer your questions and share how working together may look like. There is no expectation or commitment when you arrange a call with me - you can take your time after the call to decide what is best for you. If for any reason it is my professional opinion that working with me would not be supportive or appropriate, I will share this with you and aim to offer alternative suggestions/recommendations.

You can check availability and book a call free of charge via my online schedule here.

You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to help me get an idea of what you are hoping to work on.


Ariadne Kapsali (she/her) is an award winning Coach, Mental Health professional, Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Supervisor for Coaches/Space Holders. After a decade of working in NHS Psychological Therapies & Mental Health, and supporting hundreds of people, Ariadne combines her Psychology and therapy background with coaching training, mindfulness and yoga tools, to create a unique, highly tailored and down-to-earth space for real, meaningful transformation. She supports people who are ready to do deep work through coaching, group experiences, workshops and retreats. Ariadne also facilitates mentoring & supervision spaces for coaches, yoga teachers and other space holders.

You can expect:

›› An in depth, fully tailored, trauma-informed approach to support you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself, build a supportive and flexible mindset, create meaningful and sustainable change while giving yourself the space and permission to explore, review and expand in the most true, joyful and impactful ways. All while acknowledging the wider context, systems and conditioning that underpin our reality.

›› Ariadne brings10 years of University studies, specialist, trauma-informed training and work experience in Psychology, Therapy, CBT and Mental Health Services; 7+ years of running her own Coaching business supporting hundreds of people; training and experience teaching Yoga and Mindfulness; an active commitment to her development through ongoing training, mentoring and supervision. You can read all about Ariadne's qualifications here.

" Working with Ariadne gave me focus, perspective, new ways of looking at things, it helped me to dig deep and access parts of myself I was not in touch with, it helped me learn more about myself and understand ways I could support and encourage myself, both now and in the future. The positivity I received from Ariadne and the work we did together really helped cement more trust and support in myself, I am so much kinder to myself now, I use a different language, I recognise my patterns and protection and self sabotage and work on living a fuller, more creative life."

Nelly, UK

"Over the last few months, Ariadne has been my absolute champion! She's not only helped me work through my self-limiting beliefs but has also shown me that I already have the tools within me to flourish. I already feel like a changed person and truly believe in myself now, ready to continue turning my dreams into reality. I'm so pleased that I invested in this journey with Ariadne, it's one of the best decisions I have made - thank you for everything!"

Jo H

"I've been working with Ariadne for some years now, which in and of itself says a lot as I admire and trust her deeply to do this deep inner work. Ariadne always, ALWAYS creates clarity and holds a truly safe space to feel all the feels and she brings a sense of lightness and depth simultaneously. We came together for coaching to help me get clear on my business and help it move forward and as humans do, I had created expectations of what I thought the journey would look like. By the end, I realised it was nothing like I had envisioned, it was better. Ariadne has taught me to slow down and to listen to my protector (my fears). I wish the coaching would never end! Thank you Ariadne, for everything!"

Jackie B

"Ariadne is a wise, gentle and loving person who provides a safe and comforting space to be able to explore yourself, challenge yourself and connect with yourself. Her wise words, questions and encouragement have meant the world to me which enabled me to transform and connect with who I am. Not only have I changed my career but I have discovered so much of myself.

Ariadne's experience, knowledge and qualifications especially in the mental health profession is a true asset and it's evident that she uses it to inform her practice. Ariadne there just aren't enough words I can use which represents how thankful I am to you and what a difference you have made to me."

Sarah E

"Ariadne activated so much in me and held my hand throughout our journey adjusting to my speed, from baby steps to big leaps. Working with her has been like putting pieces of a puzzle together, she listened, always heard me, and pointed me towards the pieces I was missing or I was looking at the wrong way around. She helped me re-organize and name the tools I use and patterns I fall into in my own internal discourse and to be kind towards myself, my present, and my future always nourishing the safe, serene atmosphere she created in each of our sessions."

Camilla G