A R I A D N E / / K A P S A L I



A combination of powerful, deep coaching in a group of like-minded women, and laser focused 1:1 work with me to breakthrough what is keeping you stuck, build true confidence in yourself and take action on what matters.

A space for education, inspiration, accountability, community and meaningful transformation through intentional action. To make space for your wellbeing, get clear on what really matters to you, learn tools & techniques to aid self healing, build confidence and create real meaningful change.


>> 6 month London-based group journey January 2020 to June 2020

>> Half day retreat to gather in person, connect & set powerful intentions for our 6 months together.

>> 6 x120mins group sessions, coming together as a group once per month for 6 months in a London secret location (to be revealed upon application).

>> Group sessions will include an intuitive combination of: guided discussion around each theme (see below), psychological tools and techniques, pair work, self reflection & contemplation, journalling, guided meditation, movement, breathwork and other practices for self healing and exploration.

>> 6 x45mins individual sessions (1:1), delivered remotely over Zoom/Skype or phone, for further tailored guidance, support and direction.

>> 6 beautifully curated workbooks to include recommended home practices, materials and resources to help you go deeper into the work.

>> Pre-group workbook to help you prepare for the journey.

>> Optional participation in dedicated Whatsapp group for community and peer support in between sessions (no Facebook groups!).

>> Open to an intimate group of wonderful, curious and open-minded women.


Half Day Retreat


>> Opening Ceremony
>> Setting clear intentions for 2020
>> Setting up the group foundations
>> Prepping for journey ahead

Module 1:

Foundations & Clarity

>> Values, visions & pillars
>> Making space for what matters
>> Decluttering

Module 2:

Finding Meaning Direction & Joy

>> Understanding Purpose & Meaning
>> Connecting to your intuition & feminine energy
>> Self care as ritual

Module 3:

Fear, Resistance & Inner Critic

>> Breaking down Fear & Resistance
>> Learn practical tools to manage your inner critic
>> Challenging the stories we tell ourselves

Module 4:

Confidence & Boundaries

>> Reframing Confidence & learning to Take Up Space
>> Find your voice
>> Protecting your energy

Module 5:

Conscious Relationships & Self Worth

>> Deepening your relationship with yourself
>> Building inner trust
>> Up-leveling your relationships

Module 6:


>> Acknowledging journey/growth mindset
>> Bringing your vision to life
>> Making a plan for remaining 6 months of 2020.

*The monthly themes are for inspiration only and will be largely guided by the group itself. Most of the magic happens when we all come together, so I will be creating a safe space for us to explore what arises each month. Each month you will receive a recommended home practice & actions to help you dive deeper into the theme and start creating real changes day to day.

"My experience in the 6 month group program was... a Rollercoaster... but a conscious, mindful, juicy, enlightening, supportive one!" - (2019 Group Participant)

"A warm, safe space to explore and recover" - (N. 2019 Group Participant)


Sessions will be held 6.30-8.30pm on Thursdays in a cute little studio location in East London (to be revealed upon application). This group is only open to people who are committed to attending most (ideally all) of the dates below and can therefore travel to London, including a half day retreat in January.

Dates for in person group meetings:


Day Retreat: provisionally arranged for Sunday 19th January London (times & location tbc) - the final details to be agreed by group members

Group Session 1: Thursday January 30th

Group Session 2: Thursday February 20th

Group Session 3: Thursday March 19th

Group Session 4: Thursday April 23rd

Group Session 5: Thursday May 21st

Group Session 6: Thursday June 25th

Spaces: 8

Investment: Standard Price x6 monthly payments of £145 // Early Bird x6 monthly payments of £97 (book by 5th Jan 2020)

Price includes x6 monthly 2hrs Group in person sessions, x6 monthly 1:1 coaching sessions (remote), x1 half day in person retreat in London, x6 workbooks, a dedicated Whatsapp group, monthly meditations and specialised support, coaching and community within a 6 month container.

*The dates of the monthly 1:1 sessions (x6) will be agreed once the group comes together.


Applications are now open for the London Immersion.

To submit an application for the 2020 group, please click here (or use the APPLY button below). You will be directed to complete a short questionnaire to ensure the group will be a suitable and supportive experience for you.

If you're not sure whether the group is a good fit for you right now, we can arrange a brief chat to discuss the options. Email me or use the form below and we can take it from there!

I cannot wait to have you join us!

"I now have a stronger sense of self-worth and (I) embrace things and people who bring me joy, and to let my inner child come out in a positive way."