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I know I’m not alone when I say, I crave real connection. Right?

It’s taken me a long time to realise I love connection, because I had not found what connection really means. I didn’t know how women could not compete with each other, put each other down and gossip behind each other’s backs. 

On the surface it feels like the world is governed by a masculine energy. Pushing, striving, achieving, winning. In many cases we are lead to believe this equates to competition, comparison, backstabbing, blood-sweat-and-tears. We’re taught that if we want to have it all, we need to sacrifice our health, relationships, integrity, sanity (how then do we have it all?).

Don’t misunderstand me. This is not a case of Us versus ThemWomen versus MenQuite the opposite.

It’s about harmony.

It’s the integration of both sides. The recognition that just as we are made of different cells, organs, bones, joints, muscles which all have different jobs within the same organisation, we are also made up of different energies. Feminine and Masculine. Push and Pull. Yin and Yang. There’s a time for getting out there and kicking ass and a time for surrendering and letting things flow. It’s recognising that we thrive when we honour our rhythms and we allow space for the ebb and flow.



Join me and an intimate group of like-minded women as we embark on a journey of self exploration, connection and transformation. This program has been designed to help you make space in your life for the things you love, for more happiness, inner peace, purpose and wholehearted living.

It is a space for us to return to our own sense of wholeness + harmony.

Soul Works is a 7-week group program combining a fusion of practical tools drawn from my background in Psychology and behaviour change, life coaching, and yoga philosophy, with heart-led discussion, reflection and contemplation, meditation and ritual, exercises and sacred practices. It is a safe space shared with soul sisters who come together to get know themselves better and to support each other grow.

ariadne kapsali

It’s a space for women to come together as a community, a sisterhood, to share stories, be vulnerable and empower one another. The group creates a bond of trust within which we can each take time to get to know ourselves a little deeper, release negativity and judgement and support each other in stepping into our own true self, guided by our intuition.

What to expect: intimate women-only group, soulful discussion, meditation, sisterhood, heart rituals, belly laughs, conscious creation, community. 


So how does it work?

Each week we will come together for 2 hours in person in a circle. Using a theme, I will guide you to dive into each topic using discussion, group and individual exercises, reflection/journalling/contemplation practices, rituals, and more.


Week 1: Build your vision

  • How to deal with stress, confusion & overwhelm
  • How to set intentions with clarity
  • Honing into what really matters to you

Week 2: Inner Guidance & Intuition

  • Understand all about intuition and the gut feeling (inc how to use it)
  • Body wisdom & the Chakras (1)
  • Dealing with lack of purpose/direction & the need for external approval
  • Intuition vs Mind Chatter

Week 3: Fear, Ego & Resistance

  • Get to know your inner critic/ego & the role of Fear in your life
  • Learn where you self sabotage and how to manage procrastination, perfectionism & Upper Limits
  • Shifting to a positive mindset & grounding techniques

Week 4: Confidence & Self Esteem

  • Clearing & Balancing your energy & Chakras (2)
  • Setting healthy boundaries & Saying No
  • Strengthening your self belief & self trust
  • Comfort zone & Sharing your light

Week 5: Integration week

  • A week dedicated to practice and integration (no meeting in person)
  • Space to reflect on previous weeks

Week 6: Self Love

  • Managing challenging emotions & setbacks
  • Daily habits to up your self care
  • Forgiveness, Trust & Inviting Love into your life
  • Creating a loving relationship with your whole self

Week 7: Wholehearted Living & Putting in all together

  • Dealing with criticism and uncertainty
  • Bringing mindfulness into daily life & relationships
  • Authenticity & Owning your story
  • Where to from here


Topics include:

  • Releasing stress & negative mind chatter
  • Tune into your intuition & inner guidance
  • Learn how to manage fear, resistance and the ego
  • Build self confidence and trust
  • Forgiveness
  • Passion & purpose
  • Dealing with challenging emotions 
  • Energy cleansing & protection 
  • How to invite more flow in your life
  • Finding balance
  • Conscious relationships and self love

+ more


You can expect:

> Weekly guided meditations to keep
> Materials and workbooks for each session
> Home practice suggestions for each session & suggested reading for continued learning
> Support, guidance + accountability between sessions
> Pre-group clarity questionnaire & prep work to get you ready & excited
> Real life connection with an intimate group of like minded women

*Limited space available to keep the group intimate.


Dates coming soon: please email hello@ariadnekapsali.com to be added to the interest list.


This program is for you if:

You’re craving a safe space to pause, get unstuck and create the foundations for meaningful change in your life.
You feel pulled to unravel and unfurl
You know, deep in your heart, that nurturing yourself is the way forward
You crave feminine support, encouragement and real-life connection
You feel ready to release judgement, comparison and negativity and step into an empowered state of being
You know life is more than fighting fires and worrying about the day to day
You want to create more space in your life for the things that bring you joy
You want to feel more aligned, calm and alive




For more information and to secure your spot, send me an email at hello @ ariadnekapsali.com

I can’t wait to have you!

Images: Hayley Richardson



‘If I were to choose three words to describe my coaching experience with Ariadne they would be Love, Kindness and Bliss.
Ariadne works from the heart. It’s a soul to soul conversation.
I remember leaving our sessions with a sense of bliss and deep connection to myself, like I had never felt before.
I felt I was in a safe space to show up to myself, let go of all the barriers that were holding me back and lean into my vulnerability in order to find out who I am.
She has always been so inspiring and supportive and her unique style of coaching based on love and kindness is more than effective.
I absolutely loved every single one of our sessions and each lesson I learned is so precious to me.
Thank you and keep doing what you love because you rock it!’

Angela S | London