Join me and an intimate group of like-minded people as we embark on a journey of self exploration, connection and transformation. My group coaching program has been designed to help you make space in your life for the things you love, for more happiness, inner peace, purpose and wholehearted living.

It is a fusion of teaching you practical tools drawn from my background in Psychology and behaviour change, coaching, and yoga philosophy, heart-led discussion, reflection and contemplation, meditation and ritual, exercises and sacred practices.

This is an individual journey held within the safe space of a group. We will come together to each do our own work. You will be guided to go within, to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and to bravely challenge the conditioning that keeps you stuck. Sharing the journey within an intimate space of like-minded people, will speed up, elevate and expand your growth beyond what you can do by yourself, this I can promise you.

Consider this...

What if you could join a group of people you get to know slowly, without pressure over a few months (rather than hours)?

What if you could focus on your own work, passion or project alongside others who are doing the same?

What if you could test being yourself and how that feels within the safe container of a small group?

What if you didn’t have to pretend to be something, someone or somewhere other than what, who and where you are, each and every moment?

What if you gave yourself six months to explore, unravel and experiment? To dedicate time, energy and focus to making the changes you really want to make?

What would life feel like then?

What would you create?

How would things change for you?

The only thing you need to do is to commit to yourself. To trust the pull and your calling to make it happen.

It’s time, and you're so ready.


*Please note this group is London based only for now.

>> 6 month group journey April 2019 - September 2019 to make space for your wellbeing, get clear on what really matters to you, learn tools & techniques to aid self healing, build confidence and create real meaningful change.

>> 1 x90mins group session per month (6 in total) meeting in person in London (exact location to be revealed upon application)

>> Sessions will include an intuitive combination of: guided discussion around each theme (see below), psychological tools and techniques, pair work, self reflection & contemplation, journalling, guided meditation, movement, breathwork and other practices for self healing and exploration.

>> 2 x30mins individual sessions with me (Skype/phone) for additional support and guidance

>> Monthly recommended home practice, materials & resources

>> Pre-group workbook to help you prepare for the journey

>> Optional participation in closed Facebook group for community and peer support in between sessions

>> Open to 8 wonderful, curious and open-minded humans


Session 1 - Foundations & Clarity

Session 2 - Finding Meaning, Direction & Joy

Session 3 - Fear, Resistance & Inner Critic

Session 4 - Confidence & Boundaries

Session 5 - Self Worth & Conscious relationships

Session 6 - Expansion

Topics we will explore during the 6 months include:

  • Releasing stress & negative mind chatter
  • Tune into your intuition & inner guidance
  • Learn how to manage fear, resistance and the ego
  • Build self confidence and trust
  • Passion & purpose
  • Heartful Living & mindfulness
  • Energy cleansing & protection
  • How to invite more flow in your life
  • Finding balance

*The monthly themes are for inspiration only and will be largely guided by the group itself. Most of the magic happens when we all come together, so I will be creating a safe space for us to explore what arises each month. Each month you will receive a recommended home practice & actions to help you dive deeper into the theme and start creating real changes day to day.

This 6 month group experience is for you if:

  • You have a project, idea or vision and want the space, support and accountability to make it come to life OR You are looking for clarity and direction as to where you're going in your life.
  • You’re craving a safe space to pause, get unstuck and create the foundations for meaningful change in your life.
  • You want to learn ways to connect deeply both with yourself and with those around you.
  • You know, deep in your heart, that nurturing yourself is the way forward
  • You feel ready to release judgement, comparison and negativity and step into an empowered state of being
  • You are open to challenging your habits and long held beliefs.
  • You are committed to your self development process and are willing to take lots of action.
  • You want a holistic approach that respects your whole being - spirit, body and mind.
  • You are open to sharing your experience with the group in a safe, non-judgmental space.
  • You are willing to be respectful of others’ process, stories, beliefs, background and opinions.


Sessions are held 7-8.30pm Thursdays


4th April

9th May

13th June

11th July

8th August

5th September


Applications are now closed as the April 2019 group is FULL.

To register your interest for a future group, please send me an email or use the form below.