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Coaching Immersion

3 months (extendable to 6 months)




During the Coaching Immersion program, we work together to help you connect to what’s truly important to you and create real, meaningful change over a period of approximately 3 months. I work with you and tailor our time together to support you to dig deep, explore and return to wholeness.


My greatest intentions are for you to:


+ Find your purpose and flow through the process of change and transition

+ Feel grounded exactly where you are, right now

+ Align to your inner wisdom and spiritual self, and be guided by the voice of your intuition

+ Reconnect with your body, mind and soul

+ Be brave, go beyond your limits and build your reality on your own terms (far away from ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’)

+ Deeply know and love yourself, stand your ground and offer your gifts to the world (as conventional or unconventional as they may be)

+ And most of all, I want you to show up fully for your life.

life coaching


Together, we can work on:


+ Bravely stepping into your big dream. That might be relocating to a place that is more in line with how you want to live, transitioning to a meaningful career or starting your passion project

+ Building nurturing and supportive relationships that help you thrive

+ Creating helpful habits to help you feel healthy, radiant and full of energy

+ Finding your own definition of balance

+ Awakening your creative and expressive spirit from within

+ Developing a compassionate loving relationship with yourself (way beyond body image)

+ Learning to be guided what you want

+ Making friends with fear and managing your inner critic

+ Learning holistic and heart-centered tools and routines to address stress, anxiety and overwhelm

+ Saying YES to what excites you (and NO to what doesn’t) and finding more joy in life

+ Inviting abundance into all parts of your life

+ Feeling confident in being you


…and so much more.


So, are you ready lovely? GOOD! Let’s do it together.



What’s included:


›› In depth pre-coaching questionnaire

›› x1 90-minute initial consultation over Skype/phone or in person (London, UK)

›› x5 60-minute coaching sessions (fortnightly)

›› Reflection notes & tailored recommendations sent to you via email as suited 

›› Worksheets and resources picked for you 

›› Email support in between sessions


+ PLUS: 1x 30-minute mindfulness/meditation mentoring session 

+ PLUS: A gifted copy of My Inner Bliss Meditations album (downloadable)

+ PLUS: An individualised, bespoke essential oil blend created intuitively for you

+ PLUS: Option to include yoga/breath-work to support body, mind and spirit with home sequences


Cost: Three monthly payments of £160 (or one payment of £475)

** 6-month Coaching Immersion available, contact me to discuss this option



Send me an email if you have any questions or arrange a brief chat (free of charge) to get to know each other.

If you’d like to know more about how I work and feedback from past clients read here, or check my story (short version or full story). I cannot wait to connect with you!


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