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I’ve been reflecting a lot on what makes me feel at home. When we arrived in Chamonix it was dark and had been raining. We found the key box outside our Airbnb home and went up the stairs to the open plan kitchen/living room. We immediately opened the big glass doors to the window knowing that The view was through there. We couldn’t really see the peeks; it was too dark and somewhat cloudy. But there was a big presence all around, a shadow of power, of pure energy. We could make out the contours of some of the Alps and just about see some of the snowed in edges. It was just what we wanted.

I grew up in Athens and have always loved the sea. Moving to London when I was 17 years old I quickly adjusted to life in the city. When Skye dog joined our family 2,5 years ago, we had to rediscover nature in urban life – Hampstead Heath has become our haven. I feel at home in all three of these landscapes; the sea, the city, the mountains. Sure, as I grow and connect to deeper parts of me, I crave less noise and more nature. But the environment, the situation I’m in is less important than the feeling of being at peace within myself.

Feeling at home to me is an acceptance, a celebration and an expansion of me. It is being at peace with feeling, expressing and understanding my feelings – the whole range of them. The feeling of home is a deep knowing that whatever the situation, I am safe within. It is a deep trust in my resilience, my ability to carry myself through. It is a knowing that I am here and I am ok and I allowed to be whole. It is a welcoming of my multiple layers, including the ones I usually like to hide or pretend I don’t see. It is a trial and error and a grounding in the fact that ‘I’ is a concept that is ever changing, ever growing and so ‘I’ don’t have to define myself. It is a setting of boundaries that enables me to feel safe and from that firm foundation I can take boundless leaps into the unknown. It is a feeling of love that is so light that I can breathe it in with every life beat.

The opposite of feeling at home?

Need for validation
Fear of rejection
Believing the negative self talk
People pleasing
Making yourself small (to appease others)
Self neglect
Lack of self care
Living in constant state of anxiety
Glorifying the busy

The truth of course is that we are ALL of that. Of course we are. That is what being human is about. Understanding that this contrast is what makes us beautiful and unique expressions. But when we spend all of our time in the negative, the limiting and letting fear lead the way, we lose our way, we lack direction and the health of our body, mind and spirit suffers. We feel stuck, uninspired, lost and unhappy. And that is a pretty frustrating place to be when you know you want more out of life.

Coming home to yourself is at the core of all my work with my clients. Whether I am coaching 1:1, running a workshop or Bliss Session, teaching a mindfulness session in an office or teaching yoga in a studio – it is this feeling I am hoping to get you to remember. It may be fleeting, but the more space you make for it, the strong it gets and the easier it becomes to return there. When clients talk about feeling stuck and lost, it is more often than not, this exact feeling they are looking for. Without being at home within yourself, trying to make changes feels like a battle. Once that is reactivated, the rest (the job, the relationship, the home, the money) start falling into place.

Coaching and Yoga Retreat Madeira

This is exactly why I have created Coming Home: The Retreat. A  6 day intentional, immersive coaching experience and yoga retreat to help you reconnect to yourself and your true desires, to activate heart-led living and guide you to create meaningful and sustainable change in your life. Part yoga, part coaching retreat, we will spend time unravelling what is keeping you stuck, getting to the core of what you want and creating the space to actually make the changes. There will be morning yoga and evening self care restorative sessions, coaching workshops on mindset, building confidence, connecting to your inner guidance and dealing with limiting beliefs. We will also have a self care rituals workshop and a creativity workshop where we get to reconnect to our playful self. All of this accompanied by the most delicious freshly cooked food, hanging out by the cozy fireplace, sunsets over the Atlantic ocean and optional treatments and massage.


Dates: Wednesday 13th November to Monday 18th November 2019
Location: Madeira Island, Portugal (Funchal Airport)
Spaces: Intimate group of 10 women 
Pricing: Early Bird pricing available until 1st August
Bookings & more info here