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Video: How to deal with the Ego

Video: How to deal with the Ego

Wow this topic is HUGE isn’t it? The ego and our fearful thinking/negative self talk plays a massive role in our lives and how we deal with it determines what we ultimately achieve and whether we follow our dreams. It’s come up so much lately which makes me think that it’s a time of year when most of us are feeling the urge to get stuff done and move forward with our goals but when we start to take action – DING DING DING – the ego pops up with her ugly toxic talk. In this video I talk about how to deal with the negative mind chatter so that you can move on despite the mental chatter and I offer some tools on how to manage your thinking when it gets loud.


Here’s what I cover in this video:
1. Why fighting your ego doesn’t work and what to do instead
2. Why the ego is louder when you’re trying to make changes
3. What happens when you change your attitude towards fear/inner critic
4. You ego is like a young puppy (and what that means)


Your ego is NOT your enemy.
If you keep thinking of it as the bad thing that causes anxiety, emotional pain etc and keeps you stuck, then you will continue to fight against it. The more you fight, the louder it tends to get (this is the same for worry as the ego is sometimes manifesting as worry/anxiety). There a huge benefit in shifting your perception to recognising the negative thoughts as a little scared version of you (your ego is a part of you) that feels threatened or afraid in some way and is shouting abuse to get you to pay attention and to protect you. It’s being really loud especially when you’re challenging the long held beliefs you’ve had about yourself, because it feels that way it will ensure you will not be at risk of failing, or of being ridiculed or of being hurt. It is trying to protect you, but it does not know how to do it with love. So rather than fighting the negative thoughts and being scared of them, treat them as you would a smaller version of you that feels unsafe.


Consider these questions:
How does your fear stop you? 
What does she tend to say to you?
How do you respond to your negative ego talk?
What is your ego’s patterns of showing up? When does it become louder and harsher?