Video: Feeling stuck? What to do when you’re in limbo

Video: Feeling stuck? What to do when you’re in limbo

One of the most common conversations I’ve had with coaching clients and friends has been around what to do when you’re feeling stuck or you’re in a temporary state. Often we find ourselves waiting for something to happen before we can move forward. For example, waiting until you’ve moved into the new flat before you start going to yoga, because there is ‘no point in creating a routine when it’s going to change soon anyway’. Or waiting until you are relocated before you start creating a home for your family. Or waiting until you’ve left your ‘day job’, before you start showing up for your own business. There are so many examples of this and it is actually quite a nicely disguised trap of… resistance.


The truth is when you are feeling stuck or in limbo, the worst thing you can do is wait and do nothing. I see so many people (myself included) taking themselves out of the equation, because there is not much to do in this temporary state. In this video, I talk about why that is a really unhelpful way of coping and what you can do instead. Let me know what you think!


Let’s get right into it….



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  1. Yes, I can totally relate to this video A. Living overseas at a transformative age sometimes has me feeling like I can’t properly ‘start’ my life (even though it started nearly 27 years ago, haha!) But I really like your advice Ariadne about anchoring into the present and starting to make changes now, rather than waiting for the future. Otherwise, nothing ever does change, as all that’s real is right now. You’ve got me feeling all philosophical now!

    Love your haircut too!! xx

  2. sonia says:

    I totally relate to every word you say Ariadne, I finished the Yoga teaching training just over two months ago and being feeling lost and stuck as I live in London and also want to leave as soon as possible, I’ve been going through ups and downs though telling myself to focus in the present and find happiness in the now and beauty in my surroundings so when I’ll leave I will leave with a sense of love and gratitude for all of the things that this place has to offer. I’m looking for a coach as well and you are very inspirational 🙂 Thank you. Sonia

    • Ariadne says:

      Hi Sonia, it can seem really challenging to feel grateful for where you are when you know you want to be elsewhere. My experience is that focusing on where you’re not is only going to take you further away from where you want to be, both emotionally and possibly physically. I’m so glad the video resonated with and I hope you’ve found some tips to help you through this period. Do send me an email if you’d like to have a chat xx

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