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How to set New Moon Intentions

How to set New Moon Intentions

October is upon us and the new month is also coming along at a NEW MOON on the 1st October (for UK peeps), so time to set those new moon intentions. I sent the following tips on how to set intentions in last month’s newsletter and as I got such a good response, I thought I’d share the advice on the blog for the October new moon. Now if you’re pretty clueless about the moon, or you think this is all just a little too weird, please bear with me. I personally believe that a lot of our stress and unhappiness comes from the fact that we go through life half asleep, in a semi-robotic state, going through the motions, without real awareness of what’s happening. Lacking awareness leads us to feel like life is happening to us, so we are in constant fire-fighting mode, re-acting to life, rather than being on the driver’s seat. I started setting intentions and heart-centered goals way before becoming a coach, and this practice has cemented my belief in consciously creating one’s reality. We know that our thoughts create our reality, so when we specifically and strategically choose what we want to invite in our lives we are opening ourselves up to that. 

Conscious Creation Vs Reactive Living

Two very different states of being.
Ok so where does the New Moon come into this? So energetically, it is said that the New Moon is a time we are drawn to slow down, go within and set intention for the new moon cycle. As the moon begins to fill up, we shift our gears to more action-focused energy, but during the dark days of the new moon (easier to realise this if you live somewhere without light pollution) we are called to dust ourselves off and start again. This is the time to set clear, powerful and soulful intentions.

For me, it is also a way of working with our cyclical nature and my own personal cycle as a woman. So the New Moon is a reminder to become really clear about what I’m aiming for, what I am inviting in my life, where my focus needs to go, so that I can be intentional about my actions and decisions over the course of the month.


1. Set the scene: make yourself comfortable with a cup of herbal tea or a glass of red, light some candles, use your favourite essential oils, incense etc. Create your space so it feels sacred and safe. Ensure you won’t be disturbed for at least 15 minutes.

2. Breathe: Close your eyes and practice a few rounds of nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing) or simply focus on taking a few full belly breaths through the nose.

3. Remember you are already whole: Your only job is to tune into the peace that’s already there. It’s ok to want to change and improve yourself, but remember it’s not because you’re not enough without those changes.

4. Ask for guidance: With your eyes closed, tune into the place in your body where you feel connected to your intuition/gut feeling. Stay there a few moments and then ask yourself for guidance for this New Moon phase. Be open to anything that comes up – you don’t need to go looking for anything and you definitely don’t need to understand it all. Simply observe what comes up. After a while open your eyes and write down any reflections from your meditation. Here you can also use oracle cards for extra tips from the universe (and a little extra fun).

5. Journal: Answer the following prompts

– What does my soul need me to do this month?
– How does my body need me to show up?
– How do I want to feel?
– What is my no1 priority for this month?

6. Choose your word/mantra: Based on your reflections, choose a word or sentence to capture the essence of your intention. It can be something like, ‘lightness’, ‘cleanse’, ‘motivate’, or it can be a full phrase like: ‘I open up to new opportunities without fear’. Write it on a post it and put it somewhere visible. Memorise it and remind yourself of it throughout the month.

Photography: Hayley Richardson