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Video: You CAN change your mind

Video: You CAN change your mind

Often, women especially, we feel obligated to stick to something out of fear of being seen as unreliable or unworthy of our word. Public accountability is extremely useful: think dieting, exercising with a friend, ending a toxic relationship with the support of others, controlling your spending, finally starting that course or hobby. It’s great. Once we announce the plan to someone else, it gains validity and it somehow becomes more real. We own it.

But what happens when you realise you made the wrong choice? Or the great decision you had made is no longer in alignment with you? We don’t know where decisions will take us before we step into them, so it’s really only afterwards that we can truly assess whether the path we’ve started walking on is right.

In today’s video, I’m talking about the challenge of changing your mind and how we often get stuck because we fell we are expected to do what we committed to. A recent experience of mine has got me thinking about a change of mind and a change of heart. Can I change my mind after I said I am doing something? I know there are a lot of us that struggle with this inner battle between honouring your word and respecting your gut when it tells you your decision is off. I am here to tell you that’s total bull*. Acknowledging¬†the misalignment you feel and allowing yourself to change your freaking mind is pivotal in living a life of integrity and authenticity. You are allowed to change your mind and in fact when you do, you make space for others to explore their decisions and how aligned they feel.

So, listen to my thoughts and let me know your views: Do you give yourself permission to change your mind?