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Which wolf do you feed?

Which wolf do you feed?

There is this story… about the two wolves in our minds. One represents fear, scarcity, separation, anxiety, anger. The other faith, love, connection, trust, higher consciousness. Which one will you feed? It’s easier to feed the wolf that barks the loudest, the one making the most noise and of course, that’s fear. It is much harder  to pick out the softer, kinder air of the good wolf. But it’s our individual responsibility to feed the wolf we want to be stronger.

I have to admit I’ve given into the fear. My tendency is always to go to the worst case scenario first. When I came across an article on the Guardian on racist incidents believed to be linked to the referendum in the UK, I was sucked in. With a heavy heart (but also a hint of obsessive compulsion), I read it all. The information was absorbed in my mind and in my soul, because it fits the narrative: we are in danger, we are alone, the world is a tough place. My brain has created space for these facts to exist in my consciousness, so the more evidence comes in, the stronger the narrative becomes. It’s subconscious and we know now this is how the mind processes information.

In that moment, I made the choice to share the Guardian article on Facebook. My belief was we need to be aware of how things are evolving so we can stand together. I felt the injustice and I guess in a way I wanted to do something about it.

I have since reviewed my position. I actually considered deleting it, but then I saw so many friends had engaged with it and opened a conversation about it, expressing their disappointment. By sharing the article, I made space for people to discuss their views and come together. Which is a good thing, surely.

Yet, it still feels very unsettling for me. When I scroll through my social media feeds I see anger, frustration and disbelief at everything that is going on in the world around us. I sure feel this too, but which wolf will I feed?

It is my responsibility to fuel the values I want to live by. I feel responsible not only for my own wellbeing, but for the energy I bring into the space I’m in, whether that’s is virtual or physical space. A lovely friend of mine said to me on the morning of the referendum results, something along these lines: Choose to see love and that’s what your experience will be. At the time, while I understood where she was coming from, I wasn’t ready for the advice. But today, I get it.

It is not about hiding from the facts and being in denial. It is not about riding on a rainbow coloured unicorn. It’s not about closing yourself off and not caring about the world. Quite the opposite.

It is about having a clear intention behind your words and your actions, including what you choose to share on social media. It is about choosing to create space for people to come together over we believe in, not in opposition of what they fear. It’s about seeing integration where you previously saw separation. It’s like when you are considering getting a yellow bicycle and suddenly you noticing yellow bicycles everywhere. It works with the good and with the bad. What do you want to pay attention to?

How helpful is it for you to feel fearful and resentful? What are you creating in this space? I know that when I feel like that I withdraw and feel defensive against everything and everyone, further isolating myself. Is that what I want to create?

Be a conscious creator of your life and choose the energy you wish to carry. 

Take responsibility for the kind of energy you bring into the room, into your relationships, into your work.

See the coming together of those who previously had nothing in common.

The awakening of people who have deep belief in humanity.

People are genuinely upset and distraught and while that’s not a good thing, it highlights the fact that we believe in together-ness over separation.

So this is the wolf I will feed from now on. Our together-ness. Because I want to see it everywhere. Because, even thought I know not everyone agrees, the world has learnt from the past and we feel connected now more than ever. Because I want to intentionally shift the energy towards conscious acts of kindness. I do believe in standing up, but not in fighting. So while I respect those who have pledged to fight against ignorance and racism, my intention is to create a community for knowledge, connection and loving kindness.

You have a responsibility towards one another – words matter and thoughts matter.

All my love x