Video | My healing immersion diary (week 1)

Video | My healing immersion diary (week 1)

Boy, have I got a treat for you today…

As you know, a few weeks ago I set an intention to go on a journey within, to understand myself on a deeper level and commit to my personal healing.

My guiding mantra became this::

I devote myself to healing. I honour my shadow.

I then went on to invite you to join me on this trip, knowing that we can support each other and help one another lean in and rise higher. A deep, heartfelt THANK YOU to those that got in touch with me and have joined in. Know I am here for you and will be cheering you on.

As part of the invitation came a promise to share my own experience of this journey. The thing is, a while ago, I set a personal challenge for myself to experiment with sharing over video on my blog. I’ve resisted this for a variety of reasons, because mainly it had not felt authentic – until now.
I decided to share the reflections of my journey so far over video because I felt it was the best way to pass on what I’ve uncovered. It simply feels right this time.

The past week turned out to be radically different than planned and my healing mantra took on a whole new meaning.

So behold, my first ever experimental video blog, shared vulnerably and whole heartedly with you…



My question to you, right now, is this:


How do you show up when life throws you (or the people close to you) a curve ball?

How can you adapt your actions to create a nourishing, sacred space within you to return to for some respite at those challenging times?

And finally, where can you show more compassion towards yourself?


Have a wonderful weekend and see you soon!

With love + gratitude,

gold name




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2 Responses to Video | My healing immersion diary (week 1)

  1. Mirjam says:

    Dear Ariadne

    Thanks for sharing your video and your truth. I enjoyed watching it!

    If I need to get back to my beliefs/practice/trust, I use affirmations (The universe has my back/ I strongly believe in what I am doing/ I trust myself and my voice). As you said, sometimes you can´t do a meditation right away, that´s when I use affirmations to still feel strong, loved and confident. People will try to bring you down or try to humiliate you- but what is most important is how you react to it and, if and what effect it has on you. I respect the opinion of others, but I don´t let it destroy my dream and/or my spiritual practice anymore.
    To show more compassion, especially in hard times, I practice self-love. I treat my body, my soul and my thoughts with love. I think our society forgot about the importance of self-love. If you love yourself enough, you can show and give love to others. Ask yourself: What is there not to love about myself? And what is there not to love about others? We are all one- we are all love.

    Can´t wait for your next video.

    • Ariadne says:

      Your answer is just beautiful Mirjam – thank you for sharing. Affirmations are a wonderful way to bring yourself back to your values and away from fear. Some people will try to bring you down, but others might have this effect without knowing; in my experience most people are just not aware of the energy they carry and as such they are simply unable to acknowledge their power in affecting others. As you so perfectly expressed, it’s our responsibility to choose who we got to for constructive criticism and feedback. As Brene Brown says, if you’re not in the arena getting your ass kicked, I’m not interested in your feedback! xx

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