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An invitation for you

An invitation for you

A few days ago, I wrote about my decision to go on a journey of devotion within. I talked about leaning into my feminine side while I go into a deep conversation with myself. So today, I’m here with an invitation for you.

I’m here to cordially invite you to join me on this journey. You can do it alone if you want to, or you can find me here when you feel lonely and you need a little helping hand.



What if you could do things differently?
What if you could step off the treadmill and choose to stand back and observe. Understand yourself more, get to know yourself, truly, this time.


I invite you to make space for yourself to grow. Go on a self development journey.

Grow. Expand.

Create a sacred space internally where your healing practice is a priority.

Make space for your shadow: your darkest parts, your fears, your crazy – it’s all you and you can learn from it. They are you and they are not you.


I invite you to go on an immersion into yourself.


By making a commitment to yourself to show up and live by your mantra.

By letting the natural flow of who you are come alive, unfiltered, un-muted.

By developing rituals and practices to get to know yourself deeper.

By reducing distractions. Tuning down the fear.


More flow, less force.
More observing, less talking.
More feeling, less planning.


I invite you to immerse yourself in any way that you can to a practice of devotion. A devotional immersion.

An immersion of sacred devotion to YOU.

Dramatic? Well, this is where it gets interesting.

It’s for you. You are your priority.
Your health, your wellbeing, your spiritual practice, your connection to within – whatever you wish for your focus to be – this is for you.



What this immersion means for me is a whole load of tailored self care, packaged and delivered by me, to me. It means creating structure and requesting discipline of myself (qualities I both crave and rebel against). It means committing to certain practices to build a foundation for freedom and flexibility. It means choosing, everyday, again and again, to tune into what I need to feel grounded and supported.


For me, some of these tools are:

daily practice of movement
chakra cleansing (yes it gets funky)
salt baths
lunchtime walks
healing using essential oils
very strict boundaries for my relationships/social media/computer time
restorative yoga
slow cooking
nature time
attending x2 self development workshops per month
deep breathing practice

and more,

much more.

But don’t let this become your prescription. I’ve spent years experimenting and working out what nourishes me and what depletes me. This immersion is part of this exploration: getting to know deeper layers of me. For you, things might be different. My invitation is simply for you to step up and choose yourself, and then for us to walk side by side. It’s not a race, it’s a devotion.



I’ll be sharing a more detailed account of my journey week by week via my blog until the end of 2015 (maybe if I’m brave, I’ll do it over video…!). It will be there for inspiration, for accountability and for transparency. You’ll see my revelations, my struggles, my strengths, my challenges, my learning points. I hope sharing my devotional journey will inspire you to begin yours.

And if you do, my invitation is to share this with me over email or by leaving me a comment below.

Tell me your story and I’ll be there to support you.


Yesterday LIz Gilbert reminded me of this:


What are you willing to give up/say no to, to finally live the life you say you want to live?

Or in other words,
what are you willing to commit to, to live the life you say you want to live?


So, are you with me?


With love + devotion

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