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Clean it all up, clear it all out

Clean it all up, clear it all out

Clean it all up | Clear it all out

I’m being called to clean it all up: body, mindset, schedule, environment, cosmetics, routine, relationships, energy.

I’m being pulled to create space for new things. Clean slate.


I see white space; green juices, clear skies. Lathering in coconut oil. Body brushing. Journalling. Morning meditation. Chakra cleanse.

Sweating – lots of sweating.

New beginnings are scary. I was talking to a friend and client the other day about cycles, endings and new chapters. We talked about how autumn represents a fresh start for a lot of us: a new school year, new stationery, new clothes. Yes everyday is a new opportunity and what you do right now matters most. But sometimes we need a bigger push, a larger energy to move us forward towards that which we already know. Sometimes that comes in the form of moon cycles, New Year and birthdays. Other times it comes as an undeniable pull from within.

Ever since I decided to stop ignoring what I knew to be true I have noticed I am more sensitive and I am picking up on so much more than before. Sensitive towards my own thoughts, my inner critic, the energy of people around me, places, sounds, food. I am craving more and more time in nature, more down time. Yet, I resist so much to this sensitivity. The thing is, it scares me. If such subtle changes have such a noticeable effect on me, what impact would living according to my inner compass lead to? Making a conscious choice to live intentionally and choosing based on my intuition rather than following the beaten track has really shaken me. It has affected my balance and my natural reaction is to resist and sabotage. Namely with food choices, lack of movement, brain numbing and overcompensating on people pleasing… Luckily as I work on it, I have become quicker at noticing when I fall into the self sabotaging vortex and can therefore choose to let myself out.

It’s time to clean it all up. It’s the full moon today and it’s giving me pretty clear guidance. Stop stuffing your body and mind with crap to fill a void which needs to be empty and clear for you to know yourself. Clean up and step up. More and more of us are waking up to the fact that our choices are making a mark not only on our environment and the world we are creating, but also what will happen to us in the future. This goes way beyond the physical: we are shaping the world around us mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. So clean it all up. We are responsible for the energy we bring into the world, day in and day out, and your energy is a combination of you today and of what you’ve experienced whole life. I feel that we need to understand this and start living accordingly: walk around consciously aware of the fact that you will influence others. What you do matters: both positively and negatively. If your energy is layered with tons of criticism, judgment, jealousy, fear, abandoned dreams, unlived adventures and resentment, somewhere this will all enter the space and those around you. I strongly believe we are able to become conscious of how much baggage we carry around and how much we continue to carry despite being ready to let it go. Because trust me, it might be scary, but it’s better to travel light.

Luckily, I am writing to you from Bali on day 3 of our trip and so far I am ticking most of the detox boxes. I don’t know how things will turn out, but Bali so far is a super healthy haven. I’m not restricting myself, I never choose to do that while on holiday, but the plethora of fresh, organic produce, juices, space and ocean blue is sending me an affirmative sign that I am exactly where I’m supposed to be for a change in rhythm, perspective and a, much needed, soul reboot.

If you’re being called to do a little clear out yourself, here are some journaling prompts to get you started:


//What am I holding on to out of fear?
//What do I need to let go of that no longer serves me?
//What is the most toxic belief I carry around that holds me back?


//How can I create more space in my physical world?
//How can I create more space in my schedule?
//What is one small thing I can do today to clean up the space around me?

Body + soul

//How am I not taking care of myself? What are 3 things I can do for my body + soul this week?
//What foods can I choose to nourish and feed myself well?

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