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Give back for humanity + Charity Bliss Session

Give back for humanity + Charity Bliss Session

I want to help. I want to DO SOMETHING. So far, my fear of that something not being enough has stopped me, but this morning I woke up with conviction. The world is being asked to act and it’s not a time for our egos to get in the way. No action is too small and anything we give is necessary. People have left their homeland because home is no longer safe. They have left in search of safer land, because staying might inevitably lead to death. There is no point sugarcoating it. I feel ashamed by some our countries’ inhumane responses to people seeking refuge, but I’ve also felt inspired by the effort of others who have come together to help. Help in ways that make sense, that are essential, practical, real. By giving time, money, food, resources, or simply by waving a welcoming hand.

I choose to focus on the good that is all around us, because that inspires me to rise higher.

So I’ve decided to make a little contribution too in my way in the hope that others might find their version of giving back. Because what I know is that deep down we want to help; we want to make it possible to give people a better chance in life, but sometimes what stops us is not knowing how to do this and worrying that whatever we do is never going to be enough.

I invite you to Give Back through your yoga practice and your mindset.

I will run my September Bliss Session as a Charity Event to collect donations for refugee children in Europe.

With a focus around the theme of Giving Back, we will use yoga, meditation and reflection practices to embody the qualities of kindness, compassion and forgiveness towards ourselves and others.

We will move our bodies with kindness.
We will sit in stillness and reflect on kindness.
We will contemplate compassion.
We will meditate on forgiveness.
We will come together and rise for humanity.

Saturday 19th September 3-5.30pm at Mudra Yoga
Suitable for men + women, all levels (including beginners).

All proceeds will go towards helping the refugee crisis in Europe: Save the Children: Child Refugee Crisis Appeal.
Suggested donation is £20, but please give what you can – nothing is too little. I will collect all donations and make a sum deposit to Save the Children on our behalf after the Bliss Session.
To book your space, please email me!

And if you are not in London or can’t make it, please consider other ways in which you can help, including educating those around you and meditating for compassion and love.

Together, I know we can make a difference.

Today, more than ever, thank you for reading x