Notes on fear

Notes on fear

{Notes on fear} 

When fear grabs you, surprise her with action.

Let her tell you the tales of catastrophe and grand failure.

Listen to her cautionary words of paranoia that talk of misfortune, of horror, of injustice.

When she trips you up with ifs and buts and deadly certainty, don’t jerk away.

Don’t close your eyes or block your ears.

Don’t build your armour or sharpen your blades – just yet.

Walk with her through paths filled with goblins and terror.

Let her show you your enemies and warn you of things that you will never meet.

Give her space to voice her story, let her offer you a cup of hate

– you don’t have to swallow.

Listen patiently. And compassionately.

Then take her hand and lead the way. Surprise your fear with action.

Your route, your journey, your risk.

For it is not fear that you are afraid of, but the power you know you have.

With huge love + immense gratitude,

Ariadne xx

p.s:: Huge fear pressing publish on this one…