26 signs you need a holiday

26 signs you need a holiday

The week before, I took my first stay-cation. I decided it was essential I take a holiday, without actually going on holiday, because I was reaching uncomfortable levels of tiredness, frustration and negative thinking. I need to pause, restore and reconnect to those practices that make me feel good. I planned my week off to include chill out time, creative space, yoga+meditation time, connection time with my man, catching up with friends and lots more! It has been fantastic and I have a separate post coming up for you on this. Until then, I wanted to share with you some of the signs that my body was trying to make me STOP (and I was ignoring).

26 signs you need a HOLIDAY!

1. Your sleeping patterns are all over the place. You’re sleeping later, having restless nights or waking up tired and using that snooze button a little too much.

2. You’ve stopped exercising. Your yoga mat and your trainers are collecting dust.

3. You’re losing your patience – with everything and everyone.

4. You’re relying on sugar, salt, caffeine and/or alcohol for your energy boost.

5. Your inner chatter is louder and nastier than ever. Hello, ego.

6. You have ‘no time’ to do your things. (yet, number 7 is still true)

7. You spend endless time scrolling aimlessly through Instagram (guilty as charged).

8. You’re lacking focus and drive.

9. You have ‘no money’. You find yourself worrying more and more about not having enough and believing there isn’t enough around.

10. Your body is suffering. Back pain, headaches, migraines, digestive issues, skin problems.

11. You are constantly doing things for other people, and feel resentful for it.

12. You find yourself saying ‘yes’, when you really want to be saying ‘no’.

13. You’re checking your work emails on your days off.

14. You can’t remember the last time you put your feet up and spent the afternoon snuggled up with a book and a cup of tea.

15. You’re freaking out about the small stuff…

16. … while you massively procrastinate thinking about the BIG stuff.

17. You have endless to-do lists.

18. You have forgotten what feels good; when you have free time you don’t really know what to do with yourself.

19. Inactivity makes you feel uncomfortable. You try to fill silences and pauses with tasks, meetings and general unproductive busyness.

20. You’re keeping yourself very, very small. Your gut reaction is to withdraw and protect yourself from an unseen threat.

21. You secretly resent your friend who has booked a massage or a holiday and seems to spend time and money on herself without any guilt.

22. Sitting alone with your thoughts seems like torture. Your meditation cushion is feeling lonely. (Download my free guided meditation to revive your love for stillness)

23. Sunday evening is always accompanied by a sense of dread for the week ahead.

24. You have become increasingly bitter, defensive and critical of others.

25. You have arguments with your partner about the stupidest of things.

26. You feel unhappy, dissatisfied and disappointed.

So my beautiful, please respect what your body is telling you and take some time off. Prioritise your health and your sanity. Your mind, body and soul (as well as everyone around you) will thank you for it! Leave me a comment below and share with me one thing you plan to do to take care of yourself!

Happy June! xx