Why doing it alone will not work + the one thing that changed everything

Why doing it alone will not work + the one thing that changed everything

I have a tendency to want to do it alone. I’m an introvert at heart and struggle with having the spotlight on me when I feel unprepared. I come up with ideas on my own, in my private creative cave of silence and introspection. I take my time in working through the intricate details of visions and projects before I let them form into comprehensible sentences that can be communicated to other people.

I used to think I can do it alone with pretty much anything. I rarely ask for advice. I mean, it looks like I might be asking for your opinion, but more often than not, I have made up my mind. I used to be so guarded in my approach, so that for an idea to find itself into being the subject of conversation with someone else, it would have to mean that it was almost fully formed and needing perhaps a little bit of clarification and fine tuning. I rarely shared the raw, unpolished part of myself, because I didn’t feel the need to; I had myself to bounce ideas off and my very own critic who pulled me in when I got too excited. Which is what shocked my close friends and family when I hit publish on my very first blog post, about a year ago. They got to see a different version of me that was reserved for moments of great courage and sadness or perhaps intense joy. It was truly a VIP experience which they rarely got invited to.

So when I started blogging, my do it alone attitude was my best friend. I created my own website, relying on good old wise Google. I relied on my excellent research skills when I tried to work out how to create the different pages on my website. What did I want in there, what words would I use, what emotion was I trying to evoke for my readers. I relied on my analytic skills to figure out how things worked on the online world; the status quo, the go-to websites, the big names. I never questioned this self-sufficiency because I knew that the answers I needed were inside me and since I wanted to create a space for my real self to exist, all I needed to do was to listen to what originates from there. How could I go wrong?

why doing it alone will not work

And so I built my website, set up WordPress, published my first post, linked my social media, promoted my stuff on my Facebook page. All good, great, super proud of myself and I chewed my man’s ear off telling him about how long it took me to create a teeny tiny button on my website. And when my friends asked me how I’m doing, I would courageously talk about my blog baby with pride and true conviction. But my heart knew I was not speaking to my people. Yes they were my people, but they did not understand and could not give me what I didn’t know I needed. I had gone beyond needing a supportive cheer and a pat on the back. I was kicking ass busting through fears they wouldn’t know existed, because if you have not felt the terror of sharing a part of your story in this way, you cannot empathise. So I needed more than just my people.

I needed a community of women who understood. Who had been there, done that. Who are in it, right now. Who would give me advice and then expect me to go out and act on it. A community of women who would hold hands, inspire each other to shine bright, without being afraid to share the icky stuff along with the big wins.

I needed the bloghearts.

My soul people. My loves. My cheerleaders. My critics. My collaborating partners. My creative gurus. My inspiration. My empowering leaders. My authenticity warriors. My amplifiers. My tech-savvy wizards. My problem solvers. My truth seekers. My unparalleled supportive bunch of cuddles. My no non-sense change makers. My passion-fuelled freedom seekers.

The truth is that signing up to Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted truly changed my life and turned my world upside down (you can read more about this here). But, if I was to pick the one thing that this course gave me which is invaluable and irreplaceable, it is this::

I do not have to do it alone. 

Nor do I want to any more. Yes my truth remains – I am an introvert and I create in solitude. That is not going to change. But having the support of 700+ women who know their stuff (different stuff, each and every one of them) at my side means that I can draw on this whenever I need to. I know now that I am walking alongside those women, not racing against them. I know now that I can turn envy and comparison into inspiration and see it as a reflection of what is possible for me too. I know now that by expressing myself authentically through my blog and the work that I put out into the world, I am helping to create a ripple effect of inspiring others to rise and do the same. I know now that real, genuine connection is the key to building a successful business. And I know now that not doing it alone is simply so much more FUN.

bright-eyed & blog-hearted

with bloghearted beauties:: Anne, Ellen + Leah


Round 3 of Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted starts on June 1st (registration closes May 27th May midday AEST, which is May 27th May 3am for BST). The content will be split over eight power-punched weeks — six weeks of module content, with two ‘Inspired Action’ implementation weeks thrown in the mix to make the whole process flow beautifully for you.

And when it comes to content, you’re in for a treat!

This course features a hefty array of:

  • PDF workbook content and worksheets
  • Done-for-you scripts and templates
  • Audios and screencast videos
  • Oh-thank-God-for-that checklists
  • All woven with plenty of behind-the-curtains insights along the way

If you feel pulled to carve out your own corner of the online world where you can share your message authentically and with passion; if you want to get clear on how to find + reach your followers; if you are ready to take your blog into the next level, I would love nothing more than for you to join the bloghearted community.

Insider tip:: I am sure she won’t mind me sharing this, but Rachel will soon be a mama to more than Bright-Eyed & Blog-Hearted (and the 700+ of us in there), so this is the only time she will be running the course in 2015.

bright-eyed & blog-hearted

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