The simplest meditation

The simplest meditation

Sit on the floor on some support (a meditation cushion, a few blocks or some firm blankets or on a chair) and keep your back upright. Release the shoulders down the spine and the keep the back of the neck long, gently bringing the chin in.

Allow the weight of your pelvis to be supported by the ground, while your upper body lengthens up towards the sky. Allow the curves of the spine to remain natural, ideally having your hips higher than your knees (if they are not, use more support to sit on). Let your face be soft and gentle and close your eyes, or lower your gaze.

Bring your attention to your breath. Don’t change it, just observe it.

Notice where you feel it, how the body responds to the flow of the inhalation and exhalation.

Notice the quality of the breath.

Notice your thoughts and choose to let them go by bringing your attention back to the breath.

Be gentle and allow yourself to be breathed.

Pay attention to sensations in your body as your breath flows through you. Notice the tendency to want to label them as good or bad, pleasant or painful.

Keep bringing your focus on feeling the breath, observing it, even if your mind wanders.

(The point of this meditation is not to end thinking – thoughts will come and go and that is totally, 100% normal. All you are doing is creating a little bit of space for breath, a little pause where you focus on each and every moment as it is. The focus on the breath itself is helpful because breathing happens whether we want it or not; we don’t need to control that. By bringing your mind’s eye to the flow of the breath, you are becoming witness to the present moment. So allow thoughts to be there, without judgement, and train yourself to return your focus back to your breathing, over and over and over again.)

Practice this simplest meditation for as long as feels comfortable – I recommend a minimum of 5 minutes each day + keep a journal of how you feel, what comes up, how the experience differs from one day to another.

Then come back here and leave me a comment below and tell me how you found it!

“If we are not fully ourselves, truly in this present moment, we miss everything.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Big love xx

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