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Feeling stuck? Here’s what to do!

Feeling stuck? Here’s what to do!

So often, especially when working on a creative project, a big goal or even just when we’re about to make a massive change, we can get a bit (or very) stuck. Stuck with where to go next, stuck on how to get there, stuck even with what it is that we want all together. The mind is full of words, thoughts and ideas yet nothing concrete comes out. We persist, staring at a blank page and keep pushing, eyes blurring, brain foggy from the effort. Even worse, we distract ourselves with mindless tasks, pretending like we are taking a break, but essentially digging a deeper hole of frustration.

Our energy gets so blocked that even after a good night’s sleep, we return to the same feeling, simply because we have not been able to release whatever it is that is holding us back.

Sound familiar?

Countless times I’ve found myself towards the end of the day, feeling… angry. Angry that I have not managed to achieve what I wanted, yet aware that I didn’t even give it a proper go. Angry, fed up within this vicious cycle, ready to lash out on something or someone else (namely the misfortunate Man who happens to be blissfully unaware of what’s about to happen to him…).

So, to reserve your sanity (and your relationships) here is a list of my favourite ways to come out of feeling stuck::

Hint: And while you do this leave your phone and all technology behind. This list does not include check Facebook 3678 times an hour as a way of getting unstuck.

Step away from what you are doing.
Make the decision to switch off the computer, close the book, get out of whatever it is you are working on. We are so afraid that if we stop we will lose the ‘flow’, but if you are being honest, if you are feeling stuck, there is NO flow. Sorry to burst your bubble my darling.

Take AT LEAST a 45 minute (real) break away from it, although I’d say the recommended period is half or a whole day if you can afford that.

Change what you are looking at.
Leave the room, go outside or simply move to a different part of your space, so your work is not in your line of vision. We spend so much getting frustrated staring at the uninspired piece of work that our bodies will create subconscious negative associations with the image of your computer, your notebook, the coursework or your canvas. Taking a break from the work, also includes removing it from your vision.

Have a dance party!
Put your favourite song on and play it loud – Dance, jump or shake your body to the rhythm (or to the rhythm of your heart if the beat of the song is hard to follow – ahem talking about myself!).

My sister, Daphne, is really good at using music to get out of a funk. Rage against the Machine usually does the trick for her, although I opt for something like Van Morrison….

Change your physicality.
This follows on from steps 1 and 2 really. Moving your body, even if it is just for a few minutes can do wonders for reigniting that creative spark and enthusiasm. I’d recommend a minimum of 20 minutes of medium impact movement. My favourites include going for a walk (not a stroll) or doing a few sun salutations or a whole yoga class.


Turn your world upside down!
Did you know that inversions (where your head and heart are lower than your pelvis) have an incredibly uplifting effect? Go up onto a handstand and use the wall so you can stay up for a few breaths literally turns your world upside down and gives you a new perspective. Trust me, this works instantly!

Tune into your energy.
Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath.

Meditate on –
How do I feel?
How does my body feel?
Tune into sensations in the body.
Tune into emotions and thoughts.
Notice them, acknowledge them but choose whether your run away with them.

Write it out.
Once you’ve moved your energy around and used movement and meditation to unlock some blockages, it’s time to dig deep. Take out a piece of paper and write down what makes your feel stuck, in a free flow style. Don’t edit as you go along, just write to let out the frustration, the ickiness, the stuck feeling that holds you back.

Now answer the following questions:
What are my options? How can I move forward? Make a list of every possible solution/action that pops into your mind, even if it feels silly or impossible. Keep going.

Read/Watch outside of your comfort zone.

We get really used to our routines and habits, but they are often what keeps us stuck. Try reading a different blog on a topic you wouldn’t normally choose. If you are usually drawn to health and wellbeing articles, why not check out a blog post on eco fashion, or relationships or even politics. Why not watch a Ted Talk for inspiration? Choose a book genre that would stand out from the ones you have on your bookcase. Open your mind to other possibilities and perspectives and you’ll soon notice your head reciprocates with refreshing inspiration.

++ My lovelies, I hope this is useful in helping you get unstuck.

I’d love to know what you do when you feel stuck and if you end up trying the ideas above, tell me how it felt!

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Much love xx

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