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Why you need to give yourself a break

Why you need to give yourself a break

You know the feeling. Your head is buzzing. Your body is exhausted, yet agitated. Your monkey brain just won’t shut up, yet you can’t seem to get anything done.
Procrastination? Your best friend recently.

And what do you do? Do you give yourself a break? No. You keep pushing.

Go on, keep going, never give up.

Confession time – I hate this. It really makes me so angry that we have learnt to accept that this is the way forward. Working incredibly hard in order to deserve a moment of pleasure. It just makes no sense to me. Our standards have become unachievable, we constantly compare ourselves to others (or rather to the glam-ed up social media version of others), and we build ourselves up to fail, day in and day out. We become blind to the goodness in our lives, because we look at it from lack-tinted glasses.

I need to have more to feel better.
I am not complete, if I am alone.
I numb myself up with food, drink, TV series + facebook to avoid being faced with real my feelings.
I am terrified of silence.

Yes – I am guilty too. And it goes on::

I have not ticked ALL the items in my endless to do list.
I yet again did not sit my bum down to meditate.
I am unprepared.
I have not cleaned the house/cooked/drank enough water.
I ate too much chocolate.
I did not make my green smoothie.
I have not lost enough weight.
I have been a bad friend/partner/mother/sister.
I have failed me once again.

Well – enough is enough. What if we stopped this constant self attack? What if, for one moment, we considered looking at our lives from a different perspective?

What if you replaced fear with love?

What if instead of blame and anger, you chose to think in terms of love?

What if you gave permission to yourself to be where you are right now? And what if where you are is perfect? Yes, perfect. With all its imperfections, big or small, where you are is where you should be.

Acceptance of where you are is not giving up. It does not mean you accept defeat and stop trying. It does not mean you can use it as an excuse for not doing things. When we invite compassion into the way we treat ourselves, we create space for growth. If we no longer need to struggle and fight against what already is, we simply have more energy to choose, to be present. Something magical happens when the struggle ends; spaciousness, calm and presence – love. From there you can re-do your to do list if you wish, but you might find things are easier to do without too much effort.

Things flow better, simpler.

++ That’s it from me my lovelies.

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and fed up of this way of being? How do you deal with it? Share with me in the comments below.

Thank you for reading xx

Image credit:: Alexander Shustov, Unsplash