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Crystals, Mercury retrograde and the full moon – am I going loopy?

Crystals, Mercury retrograde and the full moon – am I going loopy?

“OH NO, I forgot my crystals!”– I pause, confused, one Saturday morning on the way to have our usual coffee and newspaper quality time.

“Why do you need your crystals for coffee?”– my man asks reluctantly, as if afraid of hearing the answer. He has a patient, loving manner about him though, as if whatever the answer might be, he knows he will find a way to work through it.

“I’ve been carrying them in my jacket pocket, three tiny ones, to protect me wherever I go”. As I say this, I smile guiltily, recognising I am pushing my luck on the subject, and I start walking again, gesturing that I can in fact cope without the energetic protection of the crystals.

Our conversation continued all the way to the coffee shop and concluded with me passionately, albeit in an amateur manner, trying to explain how we are all connected to each other and to the Universe on an energetic level. And how that therefore shows without a doubt the movement of planets must have some influence on humans on earth (I was trying to defend my mention of Mercury in retrograde as a factor in our recent miscommunication incidents).

“I just don’t believe that the movement of Mercury, or whatever, has anything to do with what I will choose to wear in the morning”, he says half jokingly, “and I am surprised that you actually have started believing in astrology now”. (Enter the dreaded realisation that the person you marry might actually evolve from the version they were when you met them).

The thing is, I don’t believe in astrology, nor do I read the magazine horoscopes thinking they should be taken as legitimate advice on my life as a Libra. I also don’t believe that just by owning a citrine crystal cluster, I will have abundance in my life. I don’t think that closing my eyes and making a birthday wish is any different to staring at the full moon and setting an intention, unless I make it to be. I am also not naïve enough to pretend that my little statue of Ganesha or the Buddha that we so lovingly brought back from the Bangkok market are any different to owning a cross or a Jesus painting. However, I still don’t consider myself religious.

My journey of self discovery through yoga, meditation and (loads of) reading has opened my eyes to encompass another perspective. I now am not selfish enough to think that I am separate from everyone else. I find this view extremely lonely and self-centered. I much prefer to think of myself as an essential part of the Universe; it gives me a sense of protection and empowerment that we are all connected in the most fundamental way. Meditation has allowed me to very briefly touch this place where, when you realise that your Self (you true, core Self) is not equal to all your crazy, anxious, or even happy thoughts, you become still. In that safe space I have seen layers of complication projected by the mind drop off (some easily, some kicking and screaming) and as they do, I get glimpses of what it’s like to live from your true essence. That is where I truly felt connected, not to a God or Goddess, but to my self, my own energy, my core. And right there is where I realised this energy is the same that flows through everything and everyone else.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop. {Rumi}

Getting to know myself through meditation and yoga has showed me the transformative power that energy has when it is focused on a single point. Just like concentrated sunrays through a lens have the power to start a fire, focusing your own energy on a particular goal has a massive impact, compared to scattering it around without a purpose. I’ve talked about intention setting previously, and it is one of the most exciting ways I have found to help me define and refine what I want/need/am here for and making sure I do something about it. Setting an intention that stems from your authentic Self, and less out of the unhealthy demands and expectations of your ego-self, is like gathering all your energy and letting it shine the way for you. It doesn’t always mean the path is less challenging, but having a clear intention and purpose and committing to it fully and wholeheartedly means that you can push through barriers and excuses created by your ego, which would otherwise distract your attention away.

Does holding a crystal make the intention more powerful? I don’t know. Anthropologically, we know that humans need rituals and even those who don’t consider themselves religious have ritualistic habits, which might seem insignificant, yet play a role in that person’s life balance. Think of the way you drink your morning coffee, your favourite mug, the way your grandmother cooked her recipes or how you say goodnight to your loved ones when you tuck them into bed. If you take out the spiritual aspect of a ritual, it is merely a habit, a specific way in which you do something, which has a particular meaning. The fact that I prefer to light a candle and burn essential oils when I meditate does not have to mean more than making my environment calm for meditative practice. However, it also now sends a signal to my brain that triggers a sense that I am doing something significant, something meaningful and, dare I say, sacred.

I have now come to cherish rituals, not because I need them or place any further significance to the objects that are part of the rituals, but because they bring a sense of greater significance in what I am doing. I want to feel connected to the Universe and I know I can reach inside and access this feeling anytime. Maybe one day I can be that feeling. In the meantime, the use of a crystal with its beautiful shape and colour and light reflection seems to give me greater motivation to sit down to meditate. If it somehow also brings me a greater sense of inner peace, or invites abundance, prosperity, unconditional love and connection while I meditate (or even while I am washing up), then I don’t see why it should not be a part of my life! I find having a sense of humour and light-heartedness around this stuff keeps me open minded and open hearted about exploring new territory that might otherwise be too scary. It leaves a little crack in the window for a tiny bit of magic in my life and who doesn’t need that?

Ps: Mercury retrograde has been a real b*tch for me this time around. Read more on how to survive this period over at Gala Darling’s home.

Ps II: My man remains largely unconvinced, but full of love for his loopy girl.

++ So what’s the verdict? Am I going mad? Will I lose a few friends over this post? I’d love to know what your view is on rituals and if you have any of your own, share in the comments below.

Lots of love + gratitude as always x