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Experience life fully + why I disappeared

Experience life fully + why I disappeared

You might have noticed that I fell off the face of the earth (or just the online world) for some time. Keep reading to find out what has happened and why it’s essential to experience life fully. I’ve just returned from a 3,5 week trip home to Greece. I am still very much in holiday mode, but I really wanted to touch base with you all with a short and sweet little post. Before I left I had extremely high hopes that I would be able to continue blogging, keeping you all up to date with what I am doing, posting photos on my Facebook page and Instagram, as well as be fully present in the moment. I had planned to do yoga and meditate every day. I was going to keep up with my blogging course. I was to read three books on the beach. And I was going to have the best time with my man, family and friends.


I fully believe that where your intention goes, energy flows. This has been100% true for me. Before I left, I meditated on my intentions on the August full moon (supermoon, as they say) and it became clear that what I really desired and what my core, gut and heart needed was full immersion into what was going on in my life at this moment in time. I wanted to really FEEL everything. To BE there, without distraction, as I knew this was a time like no other. So, holding my newly acquired crystals, I meditated on presence, consciousness, abundance and plain simple living.


Well, once again, the moon delivered. The past few weeks were a whirlpool of life events, highest highs, lowest lows and I experienced all emotions known to man within a space of a few days. Immense joy, bliss, gratitude, love, guilt, jealousy, pain, fear, anger. I held on to the moments, recognising how fleeting they are, as multiple life episodes bombarded me and the people around me, one after the other. I wondered why everything happens all together and I found myself laughing at the irony of life’s bittersweet tendency to throw you into the deep end, testing you over and over again.


In the space of three weeks I experienced the following versions of life:


–       I celebrated my wedding with my closest people in what was indeed one of the happiest and most amazing times of my life. This was preceded by a time of anxiety, confusion, hard work, tension, arguments, reduced beach time and limited true relaxation.

–       I found out I got a promotion at work.

–       My best friend’s mum (and a ‘foster’ mum to our group of school friends) passed away and a little piece of my heart was given to her.

–       My faith in love and life was restored when I witnessed a beautiful wedding of one of my best friends.

–       I spent the most fantastic time with some of my oldest friends, my closest family, my new family, and most of my best friends. I then had to say goodbye to all of them, not knowing when I would see them again.

–       Made private and public vows, sent out gratitude and received an immense amount of positive energy, love and millions of hugs.

–       I cried, laughed, shouted and hurt my feet while dancing.

–       I visited three different Greek islands, ate amazing food, drank way too much alcohol, swam in the bluest of waters and practiced absolutely no physical yoga.


I have yet to fully acknowledge what has happened. I have not even looked at our wedding guestbook. I cannot wait to unroll my yoga mat and reconnect with myself through physical practice and I am sure lots of beads of realisation will pop up there. Once they do and they transform into words and sentences, they will then find their way into another blog post here soon. But what I do know for sure is that over these three weeks, I experienced one of the richest versions of life, and the overwhelming need to breathe because there is nothing else to do, and I am eternally grateful to every single moment and person for making me feel present and alive.


++ I have returned to London with an air of nostalgia and a suitcase full of new beginnings. I still think in academic years, so September always symbolises a fresh start for me. I have a whole bunch of exciting things coming up and will keep you updated. Make sure you are signed up to my email newsletter below to be the first to hear about it!


++ As I’ve been away for so long, I’d love to hear from you about what you’ve been up to in this time. Any life realisations? Holidays, events, transitions? Let’s share here and make this a happy space!