A R I A D N E / / K A P S A L I


Are you physically exhausted?

Mentally drained + emotionally flat out?

Living for the weekend?

Impossible to find time to do the things that light you up?

Dreaming of taking time off, away from stress + busy-ness, to chill, restore and reconnect with yourself, but money, time + life gets in the way?

I feel you.


Little pockets of me-time, fitting perfectly into your weekend.

A strategic balance of moving your body and giving your mind + soul a well deserved break.

Think chill out vibes, cleansing your energy, detoxing + rebalancing.

Think disconnecting to reconnect.

"It is the perfect combination of yoga, meditation, intention setting and relaxation – it feels like a sacred space!"

Making yourself a priority and taking time to relax and restore can help you live a life full of presence, happiness and joy. To remind you of what is important to you. To experience inner peace and a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.

Yet most people forget that taking care of ourselves comes first. Daily pressures, work, stress + anxiety get in the way of all our good intentions. Relaxation often equals a well-deserved glass of wine (or two) or a bar of chocolate.

I am completely with you: I yearned for a pause, a time-out button.

A space to gather my thoughts, to let go of limiting habits, to release stress in my body and feel nourished.

This is why I created the Bliss Sessions:

To give you an opportunity to retreat, away from the overwhelm of everyday life.

To sit in stillness. To move your body in delicious ways.

To open your mind to other possibilities.

To nourish your body + soul.

To return to you.


“Ariadne’s natural ability to teach spiritual and wellbeing practice is truly inspiring. I attended as an introduction to my own spiritual journey and I now walk my new path in life with confidence. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Ariadne’s events I would highly recommend it.”

Priya Wilkinson

"What an amazing session, Ariadne you are awesome and very gifted! Loved it all, wonderful nurturing yoga, opening and clearing mediation was so powerful. Your energy and spirit are generous and healing."

Sarah Page



Sunday 7th August 2022 | 10.30am - 1pm BST NEW DATE COMING SOON

Virtual Mini Retreat

Join me for a mini retreat to tend to your heart.

It’s a strange time and a lot of us are tired. Tired of pushing, of running, of proving, of fighting.

A lot of us are angry. A lot of us are in pain.

And your body holds all that. It’s exhausting.

And yet we know this is important. We want to give. To stand up for what we believe.

So this is for those of you that care. Care for others, that care for the world. The planet.

This is for the givers, the empaths, the ones that feel BIG.

It’s a tiny offering, for your heart.

This mini retreat is a space for you to allow a slower pace, a drop down into your body, to offer yourself the delicious joy of tending to your heart and what it needs. To honour the place where you are, right now, while reaching down to your depths to hold what’s next.

We will use a playful combination of gentle movement, yin yoga, guided relaxation, meditation and introspection, writing, coaching exercises, ritual and more - all brought together in circle with the joint intention of connecting to the energy of your heart.

What you need on the day:

Access to computer or phone with internet connection

Access to Zoom

Notebook + pen

Yoga mat useful but not essential

Pre-booking is essential.

Everyone who books in will receive:

- Access to a curated Tender Heart playlist (on Spotify)

- Tender Heart workbook

- 1 month access to the Mini Retreat Recording

Pricing (sliding scale*)

Standard price: £30

Reduced option: £20 (available to anyone who is unable to pay full price)

Scholarship option: £10 (for unemployed/single parents/students/anyone who is unable to pay the reduced option)

*No need to provide proof for the reduced payment options. I trust you to make the choice that best suits you.


- All virtual Bliss Sessions/Mini Retreats are delivered via the Zoom platform. You will receive Zoom details after booking is confirmed and payment has been processed. Please download the Zoom app prior to the event to avoid delays.

- All virtual Bliss Sessions/Mini Retreats are recorded and replays will be available for a limited period. If you are unable to attend live, you're welcome to book your spot to receive the replay & resources.

- All events hold a 24hr cancellation policy. Please contact hello @ ariadnekapsali . com should you need to request a refund. Cancellations with less than 24hr notice and no-shows are not eligible for refunds or transfers.