Are you physically exhausted?

Mentally drained + emotionally flat out?

Living for the weekend?

Impossible to find time to do the things that light you up?

Dreaming of taking time off, away from stress + busy-ness, to chill, restore and reconnect with yourself, but money, time + life gets in the way?

I feel you.


Little pockets of me-time, fitting perfectly into your weekend.

A strategic balance of moving your body and giving your mind + soul a well deserved break.

Think chill out vibes, cleansing your energy, detoxing + rebalancing.

Think disconnecting to reconnect.

"It is the perfect combination of yoga, meditation, intention setting and relaxation – it feels like a sacred space!"

Making yourself a priority and taking time to relax and restore can help you live a life full of presence, happiness and joy. To remind you of what is important to you. To experience inner peace and a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.

Yet most people forget that taking care of ourselves comes first. Daily pressures, work, stress + anxiety get in the way of all our good intentions. Relaxation often equals a well-deserved glass of wine (or two) or a bar of chocolate.

I am completely with you:: I yearned for a pause, a time-out button. A space to gather my thoughts, to let go of limiting habits, to release stress in my body and feel nourished.

This is why I created the Bliss Sessions::

To give you an opportunity to retreat, away from the overwhelm of everyday life. To sit in stillness. To move your body in delicious ways. To open your mind to other possibilities. To nourish your body + soul.

To return to you.





TICKETS: £35 EARLY BIRD UNTIL 30/09/18 | £40 STANDARD (+ Booking fee)

Join us for a lush Bliss Session dedicated to the very special Autumn season! Autumn feels are all about cozying up, turning inwards and shedding some layers. Inspired by nature's rhythms, we will explore the need to release what no longer serves (think trees that shed their leaves), welcome in the slower pace of autumn and we will work on reconnecting to our inner guidance, our intuition.

Combining Yoga, Meditation, Life Coaching practices, Positive Psychology, Breathwork, Visualisation and other tools and techniques, this mini retreat will invite you to make space for your mind, your body and your spirit to reset, recharge and let go.

My aim is for you to leave the Bliss Session feeling calmer, lighter and more grounded in yourself, with a sense of trust in your inner guidance.

What's Included in the Autumn Bliss Session:

- Slow Flow Yoga to connect & release tension (suitable for all levels)

- Opening Meditation & Intention Setting ritual: Autumn Theme

- Nurturing Yin Yoga (suitable for all levels)

- Workshop on Understanding, Connecting to and Amplifying your Intuition

- Space for reflection and soulful connection with like-minded people

- Ending Guided relaxation/visualisation

- Tea & Snacks, ideas for home practice and chill-out vibes

- Workbook on Intuition to take-away


“I’m so happy I attended – I truly loved every second of it and you, my dear, are so so lovely! You have such a calming presence about you… magical.”

“Thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon last Sunday. It really re-charged me and put me in a good mind frame for the week ahead.”

"Thank you for such a sublime afternoon Ariadne, I would highly recommend your retreats to anyone else!"


Please read carefully before purchasing

Cancellation policy: If you are unable to attend, please contact me with a minimum of 14 days notice from the date of the workshop/retreat to request a refund. Please be aware that I am unable to offer a refund for cancellations received with less than 14 days notice. If you are unable to attend and would like to book onto a future date (within 6 months of the original booked date), please contact me with a minimum of 7 days notice.