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Are you physically exhausted?

Mentally drained + emotionally flat out?

Living for the weekend?

Impossible to find time to do the things that light you up?

Dreaming of taking time off, away from stress + busy-ness, to chill, restore and reconnect with yourself, but money, time + life gets in the way?

I feel you.

// Are you craving more calm, connection + clarity?

// Feel like you are constantly running out of time?

// Want to chill out, relax and create a happy bubble for yourself?



The Bliss Sessions (4)


Little pockets of me-time, fitting perfectly into your weekend.

A strategic balance of moving your body and giving your mind + soul a well deserved break.

Think chill out vibes, cleansing your energy, detoxing + rebalancing.

Think disconnecting to reconnect.



The Bliss sessions are love packed with


:: flow + restorative yoga

:: blissful meditations

:: self love practices

:: mindfulness

:: indulgent relaxation


++ home practice ideas + tips

++ discussion with like-minded souls


The Bliss Sessions have been designed to give you a chance to prioritise yourself, boost your health, ump your energy and clear up those energy blocks that keep you stuck.

The Bliss Sessions are monthly workshops in the centre London with a special theme each time to support you on your own journey.


It feels like a sacred space!

Ariadne’s bliss session was the perfect ending to a weekend, an indulgent Sunday afternoon dedicated to self care, something that can be rare amongst a full lifestyle. The session I attended had a beautiful focus on detoxing and cleansing – something I was craving. The space was welcoming, calm and you immediately feel at ease within Ariadne’s calm and loving presence. Yoga has been a constant throughout the years but I had left a long break in between sessions and yet felt very welcomed and supported by Ariadne throughout the session. It is the perfect combination of yoga, meditation, intention setting and relaxation – it feels like a sacred space and one I was very grateful to feel a part of for the afternoon. The treats and herbal tea are a beautiful touch, as well as the Detox and Cleanse workbook – I left feeling renewed, calm and inspired – ready for the week ahead. I love that each session has a new topic and look forward to attending more in the future. So much gratitude to you Ariadne!
Amanda Lukac – Graphic Designer


nikkiThis was truly a gift to myself! Blissful it was indeed; I can’t wait for the next one!

The timing of Ariadne’s {Bliss Sessions} couldn’t have been more divine. I’m not just saying this; it was exactly what I needed. And with all these things, you never know how much you actually crave something until you’re in the midst of it. Having never met Ariadne I didn’t know what to expect. But knowing her from her online presence and as a fellow Londoner and dream chaser I was pulled to attend her retreat. The space where she hosted it was in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city however it felt like a little intimate sanctuary for the afternoon. I could completely zone out and surrender myself to the where I was. I enjoy doing yoga and have experienced several yoga teachers throughout the years. Ariadne is without a doubt the most loving and calming of them all. I felt connected to her whilst going through the movements. And given I’m not the most advanced yogi, she made me feel comfortable and guided me into the right positions when I was struggling. The yoga exercises were appropriate for all level as Ariadne provided alternatives where necessary. The meditation was relaxing and beautiful; a great way to end the retreat and left me feeling completely spaced out and full of happy thoughts. The lovely goodie pack and worksheets were the icing on the cake; so thoughtful and heart-felt.
Nikki de Vet – Coach + Blogger


Making yourself a priority and taking time to relax and restore can help you live a life full of presence, happiness and joy. To remind you of what is important to you. To experience inner peace and a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.


Yet most people forget that taking care of ourselves comes first. Daily pressures, work, stress + anxiety get in the way of all our good intentions. Relaxation often equals a well-deserved glass of wine (or two) or a bar of chocolate.

I am completely with you:: I yearned for a pause, a time-out button. A space to gather my thoughts, to let go of limiting habits, to release stress in my body and feel nourished.

This is why I created the Bliss Sessions::

To give you an opportunity to retreat, away from the overwhelm of everyday life. To sit in stillness. To move your body in delicious ways. To open your mind to other possibilities. To nourish your body + soul.

To return to you.



Thank you for such a sublime afternoon Ariadne, I would highly recommend your retreats to anyone else!

I attended Ariadne’s {Bliss Session} as I was very much in need of some well deserved time out. I was looking forward to an afternoon of yoga, meditation and some space for reflection. Ariadne certainly did not disappoint in delivering this and it really was a retreat in every sense. She opened the retreat with a grounding meditation for us to set our intentions for the afternoon. The yoga that followed was a dynamic vinyasa flow,  challenging the body and mind.This helped clear any stagnate energy I had and helped find some stillness within when doing the journaling work that followed. For me the highlight was the Loving Kindness meditation. It was a powerful meditation experience and left me feeling completely blissed out! Amy Tucker – Writer + Blogger, Shining Muse

The Bliss Sessions (4)



home practice ideas + self love goodies and treats to keep your bliss going!
(Trust me, you’ll love this stuff!)


Bliss Sessions will leave you feeling totally relaxed, grounded, balanced + all blissed out! You will feel ready to face your day armed with self love tools, home practice tips and a quieter mind. Your body will feel alive. Your mind? Switched on. Your soul? Centred + connected.


Let’s do this – You absolutely deserve it!


What people are saying about the Bliss Sessions::

“I loved the mini packs you made: so thoughtful and really makes me think about making the time for myself at home.”

“You’re so wonderful. You make everyone feel welcome and do a great job of explaining how to get into the postures!”

“I’m so happy I attended  – I truly loved every second of it and you, my dear, are so so lovely! You have such a calming presence about you… magical.”

“Thank you again for such a wonderful afternoon last Sunday. It really re-charged me and put me in a good mind frame for the week ahead.”



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Bliss Sessions

Cancellation policy: If you are unable to attend, please contact me with a minimum of 14 days notice from the date of the workshop/retreat to request a refund. Please be aware that I am unable to offer a refund for cancellations received with less than 14 days notice. If you are unable to attend and would like to book onto a future date (within 6 months of the original booked date), please contact me with a minimum of 10 days notice.