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Overthinking. Worrying. Ruminating. Unable to make decisions. Freaking out about the future. The world moves at light’s speed and we crave for a pause button.

Being in our heads so much of the time, not only increases stress, anxiety and negative thinking, but it also essentially robs us of the ability to experience and enjoy life, right now. Most of us spent days in auto pilot, blindly completing one task after the other, moving between home and work, mindlessly eating, drinking and consuming. We spend our days re-acting. We lack intention and we lack presence.


And then something happens and we wake up. For a moment we can breathe, we feel expansive and spacious. Our eyes are open and we are there. It feels… refreshing.

Take a deep breath and join me now in learning how to make those pauses longer.

Meditation is the single most powerful tool in improving your life. Period.

My meditation practice is my sanctuary. It’s what keeps me sane and human. It’s what teaches me to be real and what gives me energy to look at the world with wide, sparkly eyes. Meditation gives me my life back.

One of the most common concerns when it comes to meditating is this: Where the hell do I start?

Well, let’s do this together. Step by step, slowly, safely, gradually, easing yourself into the world of mindfulness and meditation.

When you join the course, you will receive 14 daily actionable lessons via email. I will be guiding you through a practical, easy-to-implement course where I will be teaching you my favourite, most powerful (and simple) meditations and mindfulness techniques which you can start practicing immediately to help you feel present and bring stillness into your life from day 1.

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Be Present | Be Still is a powerful and effective meditation + mindfulness self study course, delivering:

  • 14 daily emails with actionable steps 
  • Full length guided meditations to download and keep using
  • Video tutorial on how to set yourself up in meditation
  • Daily Prompts, Tips + Tricks to build a sustainable practice
  • Myth busters about meditation
  • Answers to your FAQ
  • Audio + video content
  • A peek into my practice and ways I keep my meditation going
  • Access to Private Facebook group for accountability, tips and to connect with other like-minded meditators

You’ll learn:

→ How to start meditating (any time, any place)
→ 3 powerful mindset shifts you need to build a sustainable meditation practice
→ Practical ways to ground yourself
→ How to be mindful on a daily basis
→ How to overcome key barriers and excuses (e.g. I don’t have time to meditate, I forgot – Sound familiar?)
→ Why your need to control is keeping you trapped in a negative spiral (and what to do about it)
→ How to deal with anxiety and pain
→ 3 questions to ask yourself every morning
→ How to amplify your intuition
→ Why gratitude is key to being present
→ Powerful rituals to keep you present & committed


You don’t need anything apart from a desire to learn, a curious mind and an open heart.


Are you in?

Next round will begin mid 2018!

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“Hello Lovely Soul, I just wanted to thank you so much for these gentle and doable nudges. This has helped me in many ways and I will celebrate showing up for myself for 14 days. Having these emails was a great reminder daily(ish!) to slow down and tune in.”
“Thank you so much for this course, it was so well written and easy to follow.  I liked your videos and meditation audios which I downloaded onto my phone and used to meditate in the mornings.  I think your advice and guidance made it feel very personal and I really looked forward to your daily e-mails.”  
“I have found this course very rewarding, everyday I would look forward to the email. It helped me find a place to start (which is often the hardest thing to do, I’ve found), assisting me to make positive changes. I was able to apply the knowledge I had learned to various situations, benefiting not only me but my nearest & dearest.” 
“I absolutely loved this first meditation, your voice is beautiful!”