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My Inner Bliss Meditations

Guided Meditations downloadMy Inner Bliss Meditations (digital download)

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Soulful guided meditations to guide you back to yourself, access your inner guidance, release tension and promote deep healing. A total of over 130 minutes of meditation audio with professionally mixed background music helping you cultivate stillness and inner calm. Suited both for total beginners and seasoned meditators.

1. I Am Grateful
2. Morning Intention
3. My Inner Guidance
4. My Trusting Heart
5. Balancing Breath
6. Healing from Within
7. My Inner Radiance 
8. Instant Tension Release
9. Positivity Boost (Releasing Negative Thoughts) 
10. Blissful Chakra Meditation









“These truly divine, soul-filled, heart-centred and magnificent meditations are gentle but powerful and oh so beautiful.  Ariadne is a warm and loving guide and the length of the tracks make them perfect for busy people who’d like to include a little calm and self-connection in their day.  I’ve been listening to these exquisite meditations daily for the last few weeks (sometimes twice a day) and I’m in love.  Whether I start the day with a beautiful “Morning Intention”, fall asleep to “I Am Grateful” or indulge in my favourite; the “Blissful Chakra Meditation”, I always feel relaxed, refreshed and centred.  The Inner Bliss meditations have become a wonderful and welcome part of my daily self-care practise. Thank you so much Ariadne.”
Sarah Jensen | www.sarahjensen.com.au

“Wow. Meditation plays a huge part in my everyday life and it is my go to resource for easing my anxiety. I had been looking for a beautifully fresh meditation for so long and Ariadne’s literally brought me to tears. So soothing, restoring and blissful. I feel like I’ve just been on a spa retreat and the weight of the world has been completely lifted. I couldn’t recommend My Inner Bliss Meditations highly enough. Hands down the best I’ve heard in a very long time. If you need calm, peace, self-love in your life, then this is a must. Oh my heart! Thank you Ariadne, you beautiful soul.”
Megan Gogoll | Writer, Coach & Poet

“Can’t say enough good things about Ariadne and these meditation tracks. The sound of her mellifluous voice and her guided imagery never fail to ease my mind and help me find the space that allows my spirit to soar. Thanks Ariadne for creating this lovely instant retreat, I truly benefit daily from taking the time to re-connect with my higher self.”
Teri Billon | Producer

“I love your meditation album! It’s so peaceful and relaxing. When I lay down to listen to the first track, ‘I am Grateful’, I had a feeling of calm and gratitude wash over me like I’ve not felt for a long time. I’m also finding that the track ‘Instant Tension Release’ is really helping me right now, and I’m using it to help me melt away the stress that I’m feeling from work. I have you to thank for that.”
Hayley Richardson | hayleyrichardson.co

Ariadne’s Inner Bliss Meditations have been a god-send. Her voice ushers me into a peaceful and safe space where my shoulders melt into their sockets, my brow releases any crinkles and my breath has full permission to reach every cell in my body. Each meditation has a unique intention, guiding me to shape my perspective for the day ahead with gratitude, acceptance and an open heart. Whether you are new to meditation, or an experienced sage, Ariadne’s voice will carry you to that blissful place.”

Leah Davies | Writer, Human Rights Activist & Coach

“Simply gorgeous and truly transformative, a must have for anyone’s meditation wellness kit.” (Blissful Calm Meditation)
Lyndsey Eden | Photographer

“Ariadne leads you through an amazing journey of relaxation and awakening through her meditation. Her soft voice along with the faint background music allows you to fall deeper into relaxation. Stress melts away and clarity within the mind is achieved.” (Blissful Calm Meditation)
Lydia McCall | Health Coach

“Through Ariadne’s calming voice and the soothing background music, you will be taken on a guided and transformative journey, where mind, body and soul integrate. You will learn to breathe deeply,  notice where you are holding tension in your body and lovingly release it. You may even release some emotions that you have been holding onto.” (Blissful Calm Meditation)
Chelsea Antman | Life Coach

“Hello dear ! I absolutely loved this first meditation, your voice is beautiful” (Be Present Be Free Meditation Course)
Alessia Gandolfo | Life Coach & Yoga Teacher