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clear + connected

Clear & Connected: A guide to cleansing, releasing + coming home to you (ebook)

I created this 21-page e-book to help you make space in your life for the things that most matter to you and also for new possibilities. My vision for you is that you use the guidance in here to inspire you to let go of the things (habits, foods, beliefs) that no longer serve you and to build new heart-centred routines that allow space to heal from within.


Includes chapters on:

→ Cleanse your body
→ Clear your space
→ Free your mind

♥ Bonus 1: Cleansing tips from nutrition expert Ruth Quick (you’ll love her)
♥ Bonus 2: Detox recipe (hint: it’s green)
♥ Bonus 3: Cleansing your energy



Are you ready to clear it all out and make space for the new?

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Blissful Calm Guided Meditation (mp3)


Join me on this guided meditation and fill your body with a sense of true bliss! This easy-to-follow meditation will guide you to connect with your body, your thoughts, your inner self, while you gradually release emotional stress and physical tension entering a state of blissful relaxation.

The Blissful Calm Meditation has been lovingly designed to make you feel grounded yet light, helping you to create a healing space of stillness, calm and inner peace.



Want some stillness + peace in your life? 

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naomi1“Ariadne’s Bliss Meditation is incredible. It will not only help you slow down, connect with yourself, and just be – but it will also help you become more aware of your body and it’s needs. This meditation is truly amazing – I know that I will personally continue to listen to it regularly and will also be encouraging my clients to subscribe and get a copy too.”

Naomi Arnold – Life + Wellness Coach



lyndsey1“EASE. CLARITY. CONNECTION. STILLESS. Ariadne’s meditations are the epitome of bliss and completely full of heart and soul. Her voice is elegant, soft and magically soothing (I could listen to it for days). She takes you on a gentle yet deeply healing journey through every crevice of your body. I meditate before I go to bed at night and when I listen to Ariadne’s meditation I come out so utterly relaxed, filled with a lightness and slip into the most luxurious of sleeps. Simply gorgeous and truly transformative, a must have for anyone’s meditation wellness kit.”

Lyndsey Eden – Photographer


lydia1“Ariadne leads you through an amazing journey of relaxation and awakening through her meditation. Her soft voice along with the faint background music allows you to fall deeper into relaxation. Stress melts away and clarity within the mind is achieved. You are left feeling warm with a great sense of ease. Click play and enjoy this amazing meditation that is filled with such love and kindness and see for yourself how transforming it is. Thank you Ariadne for this special meditation. It is now on my ipod so when I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed I know what I will be listening to to unwind. Thank you again for your kindness.”

Lydia McCall – Holistic Health Coach


chelsea“Ariadne has created something so special. Her Bliss Meditation will assist you to reconnect with your body and find a state of inner calm. If you are someone who often feels “too in your head” and needs to slow down, I highly recommend this beautiful meditation. Through Ariadne’s calming voice and the soothing background music, you will be taken on a guided and transformative journey, where mind, body and soul integrate. You will learn to breathe deeply,  notice where you are holding tension in your body and lovingly release it. You may even release some emotions that you have been holding onto. I will definitely be making this meditation a regular practice and will be encouraging others to do the same.”

Chelsea Antman – New Paradigm Collective