Welcome and thank you for being here.

My coaching philosophy is a unique union, which blends psychological theory with yogic tools and coaching practice. I draw on my training and experience in Psychology and my professional Life Coaching training, combined with mindfulness and other tools and techniques to create an intuitive and healing space.

My coaching style is holistic, heart-centred and harmonises healing and growth from all angles.

Specifically, I use:

+ Inner work: reflection, contemplation, journaling and more.
+ Psychological expertise: motivation/behaviour change theory, positive psychology and cognitive theory/CBT techniques
+ Yoga and meditation tools and techniques
+ Mindfulness and compassion work
+ Other relevant resources that can deepen aspects of our work together

More about me here (short version or full story).

"Ariadne works from the heart. It’s a soul to soul conversation."


We can work on:

›› Feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed

›› Or if you're feeling numb, confused and disconnected

›› Finding your balance between the various areas of your life

›› Reducing fear-based decision making and move towards heart-centered living

›› Learning practices to increase confidence and self esteem

›› Identifying subcounscious, negative thinking and unhelpful beliefs that hold you back

›› Connecting to your inner guidance and letting go of the need for reassurance from others

›› Mindfully creating nourishing self care routines that boost your vitality, health and emotional wellbeing

›› Learning to manage with negative emotions & unhelpful habits

›› Building meaningful and supportive relationships

›› Find what drives you and flow through the process of change and transition

›› Feel grounded exactly where you are, right now

›› And more


In a nutshell: Life Coaching supports people uncover what is truly important to them, assisting them create meaningful and lasting change in their life. Working with the person as a whole, coaching invites you to take into account your physical, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing. 

You will be guided to set goals aligned with how you want to feel and create a realistic and challenging plan to actively move towards the changes you desire. Coaching is a positive, dynamic and collaborative process which focuses on identifying your strengths, uncovering your potential and building confidence and self esteem.

Helping you to not only address adversity, working with a coach will also teach you to identify thought and behavioural barriers that keep you stuck, while holding you accountable to your goals and teaching you powerful tools to create real change. 

Coaching facilitates personal growth and a deeper understanding of yourself, thus aiding you to take confident action towards improving your life, bringing about balance and greater sense of wellbeing.

You + I:

We’re a team, you and I. 

We work collaboratively, transparently and with great respect for our sacred coaching relationship.



During the Coaching Immersion program, we work together to help you connect to what’s truly important to you and create real, meaningful change. I work with you and tailor our time together to support you to dig deep, explore and return to wholeness.


›› Clarity pre-coaching questionnaire and intention setting workbook

›› 1x 90 min Initial Coaching Consultation (over Skype)

›› 5x 60min Follow up Coaching Sessions every 2 weeks  (over Skype)

›› Relevant resources, worksheets & recommendations

›› Ongoing email support during the 3 months

›› Gift: My Inner Bliss Meditations (Downloadable format)



During our month working together, I will guide + support you to find clarity and direction in an area of your life that needs your attention.


›› Clarity pre-coaching Questionnaire to get clear, set intentions and be super focused on what needs your attention right now

›› x1 90-minute in depth coaching consultation over Skype (*)

›› Reflection notes, tailored recommendations and professional resources sent to you via email post-session

›› Email support for 1 month post-session, while we work together to support you in taking intentional action

›› x1 30-minute review session over Skype appx 4 weeks after your initial consultation


"Before working with Ariadne, I felt blocked to go ahead and take action. I felt that I lived too much in my head and had difficulty to start and do the things I wanted to do. Through coaching with Ariadne I have become more gentle with myself and give my own self the permission to not be perfect. The biggest change I have created is having a better life-work balance which helps me to stay rooted in my everyday life."

Eos Koch