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Welcome to the home of honest conversations (yes, the genuinely raw and vulnerable ones live here).

Let’s start with this one.

The first truth:: Life is complex and crazy beautiful.

I believe you have the power to create and shape your life in any way you choose, but it will require your full dedication and commitment to understanding YOU.

// I didn’t always know who I was.

I grew up in Greece and always wanted to be an astronaut. A life among the stars had me whipped in a dream of enchantment and fantasy. Oh the beauty I would see! When I realised I probably wouldn’t make it to the moon (damn it!), I soon recognised my innate ability to help people create fundamental shifts in their lives. Friends and family would come to me in confidence with their greatest fears and challenges, and I would hold space for their sadness and darkness. I had the strength to be with their difficulty and distress, and was deeply fulfilled by supporting their growth and transformation, no matter how big or small.

There, I had the answer. This was me and this was my purpose. Tick! Officially boxed.

I dutifully followed the answer like a good girl to London some 13 years ago to pursue a career in psychology, completing my undergraduate studies and then a Master in Health Psychology. I then worked for 10 years in health and mental health services in the areas of forensics, depression, anxiety disorders, addictions and trauma. Over the years, I supported hundreds of women (and some brave men) gain a deeper understanding of who they are and what was keeping them stuck, and guided them to make powerful forward changes.

But while I was helping everyone else around me, I started to spin like a dervish dancer, confused and in a haze. I began to question my identity as a psychologist and even deeper, who I was.

I questioned all of this because something was not right. I felt… off.
I was drained, burnt out and I was not nourished by the way I was working. It felt small and restrictive… and just not me.
I was not showing up for myself and my life, and this time, I didn’t have an answer. I was well and truly lost.
I went through years of relationships, experiences and big life decisions on autopilot (blinker on and turning blindly into incoming traffic) combined with a cocktail of ridiculously high expectations, self-sabotage and a heavy rucksack of fear (the kind that tightens your shoulders and strains your lower back).

I felt disconnected and unsure of EVERYTHING.

Does this sound familiar lovely? I hear you.

The second truth:: The lessons are steep but you have a deep reserve.

I believe in self-exploration and self-expression in all its forms. I want you to be a passionate soldier of self-love.

// I wasn’t whole and I wasn’t authentically me for a long while there.

My purpose circled around success and achievement, and there was a gaping hole where passion once upon a time blossomed.

On my search, I stumbled across yoga and meditation and they became my lighthouse.

I started to turn inwards more than outwards for guidance.
I started to trust my voice and listen to my intuition.
I started to respect my needs and let go of my expectations.
I started to deeply know me, and truly love me.
Layer by layer, I shedded and discarded.

Yoga gave me permission to be ME at a time when I had no clue who me was. It also taught me to drop the labels. Seriously, how can you possibly attempt to define you, when you are exquisite, wildly ingenious and unlike anything or anyone on this planet? It’s an impossible task. That’s why boxes don’t work.

You’re vast. They’re small.

So I abandoned the judgments and restrictions (the self-imposed kind and the society kind) and started applying everything I was learning on the mat to my life. I’m still practicing, weaving love, expression and exploration into my days, minutes and moments.

You’re learning too? Again, I feel you.

The third truth:: Deeply knowing + loving you is the key to happiness.

I believe when you befriend and love the true you, transformation happens. Confidence, ease and beauty unfold. You just need to cultivate the courage to live from the heart.

// I see how critical and plain mean we are to ourselves, time and time again. Drama, tension, judgment, punishment and tears. So many tears. We continue to wage a war on ourselves that frankly, cannot be won.

Why? Because there’s no winner or loser. There’s just you, lovely.

Enter soul searching, un-defining and making friends with fear.

Accepting you means loving and investing in what makes you, YOU, but that’s something we all have difficulty doing. We’ve been taught to train hard, focus on the end goal and work on our weaknesses, but we are rarely given permission to celebrate our successes or encouraged to rest, retreat and nourish until our physical bodies demand we stop. Then you have no choice but to listen.

But there is another way.

When I listened, I was directed to the very heart of my feelings. What surfaced was a deep yearning to connect with the feelings of grounding, freedom, compassion, ease and flow. Once I realised what I desired, I was able to show up and do the work with presence and intention.

I’m not going to lie. It takes work. A rock solid resolve to you and your happiness.

My commitment to me took me on one of the most transformative periods of my life. In 2012 trained with Yogacampus as a yoga teacher. You know that gaping hole where passion use to reside? Well, it started to glow effervescently. I understood with crystal clarity how my psychology theory and self-development practice was supported and complemented by this sacred (and ancient) movement, and the same on the flip side.

I understood how I could help women to ground and seek answers from within, doing work that deeply fulfils me and my purpose.

As the door to yoga teaching opened, so did another aligned opportunity: Life coaching.

At the beginning of 2015, I joined Julie Parker’s Beautiful You Coaching Academy and received a diploma in life coaching. The phrase coming home has never felt more appropriate or potent.

Now, with the fusion of my psychology background, yoga teaching and life coaching experience, I help women like you to live life on their own terms: I encourage you to lean in a little further and not shy away from digging a little deeper.

Because what you’ll find is worth it. I promise.

You’re worth it.

I’m so happy you’re here. I can’t wait to connect with you.

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